Tuesday, March 31, 2009

late breaking news

time for your 5 o'clock news update people and we miz flea flea's representatives have some sizzling new news to inform you of.

while we apologize for her recent lack of posts (again) she at least has a reasonable excuse this time (I wouldn't let her get away with it to often)

and no it doesn't have to do with Brad or Angelina or Jen and washisname myer or any celeb at all but it is life altering for her, in fact it is so huge she still hasn't come to terms with it all and thus left it to us to tell you.....



which explains A LOT

no wonder she's been so moody and grouchy and eating us out of house and home (HAHA)

poor flea flea doesn't know to be excited or if she wants to cry (in fact I think I hear her crying in the other room must be an "emotional" day). and honestly we only told a few people and already the whole county knows so we thought, well why not share it with our few blogger friends that we have left. Now don't go be telling her either that we told you, she's afraid that by everyone knowing that she will somehow magically lose the baby as soon as everyone knows (which would be awful) but whatev. what will be will be

so get prepared ya'll cuz i'm sure the next oh 9 months are going to be very interesting on here

peace out

miz flea flea's pps


Wandering Coyote said...

Oh my god, Oh my god!!!!


That is HUGE news, flea! HUGE!!

I completely understand your confusion - laugh or cry or what? - but still, you are going to be GREAT! I know you are!

flea said...

WC - THANK YOU I so needed that today (it has truly been an emotional day)

Swishy said...

WOW!!!! That is SUPER HUGE NEWS!!! Congratulations! How far along are you?

flea said...

Swishy - THANK YOU! six weeks this week so it's early (and new) yet, go for an early ultrasound next week so i'm sure that will finally sink it all home

Anonymous said...

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! Congrats, woman!!!!

I can't say that I understand what you're going through but if you're happy then I'm happy!


So when do we start the birthdate pool? hehehe

Mo said...

Damn stupid Google Blogger...had my sign in wrong. Sorry!

flea said...

MO - hahaha I was like who the hell is morobb?? lmao and thanks! can't say that I understand what i'm going through either it's a whole new world and ballgame

Beth said...





flea said...

beth - i wish I could pull a fast one like that, but, sadly no will have to save it for another year!!