Thursday, May 07, 2009

one no two words GRANNY PANTIES!


oh the lows one has to face while pregnant

i finally got to go shopping for some much needed new clothes (ahem maternity) this past weekend in Bangor, Maine. and let me say AMEN for maternity clothes it's so nice to have clothes fit and better yet to be comfortable.

anyways in my haste at the cash register to pay for my wonderful, comfy new clothes I happened to notice a display of panties and thought yeah i'm probably due for some of these too and i don't know if I had a blond moment or just couldn't read or perhaps I was distracted by my grumbling stomach (which is ALWAYS hungry) which knew it was going to have a feast at Olive Garden shortly hereafter, either way I thought I grabbed the "lowrise boy short" kind and continued on my merry way.

well when I got home I soon discovered that I had purchased the wrong frigging kind, like way wrong. these things are so hideous and repulsive and BIG. sure when i'm 8-9 months pregnant they probably won't be but for right now the can stay hidden in the bottom of my pantie drawer. this really depresses me for some reason like farewell thongs hello granny panties!


i'm on the cusp of a whole new world and it is TERRIFYING

and since i'm a lazy ass and haven't started a journal and may never get around to it thought i would track or write some of the things i've been craving, feeling, etc

freezes - omg i cannot get enough of these and i'm sure they are so bad for me (umm can you say sugar) but one word yummy!

i've been super nauseous and sicky poo the last few weeks, hoping now that i'm at 12 weeks to be on the other side of this....

i'm 12 weeks pregnant!

that is sooooo wrong and weird and exciting all in one

sometimes i don't feel or think i'm pregnant

then i see the already growing bump and it goes away

i can and could sleep ALL day

not sure if this is part of pregnancy but i'm blaming it on it anyways, but my memory is like, non existant at this point. for example I had to work the weekend, didn't have anything to eat for supper so I stopped at Subway and being the good girl that I am I picked up a chocolate milk instead of a Diet Coke drove not even 5 min down the road, get out of car to go to work, then proceed to work for 30+ min before I realized that I left the stupid choc milk in the car

I would do or give anything to have clear skin again, thankfully it hasn't spread to my face but everywhere else, mainly my poor back is peppered in zits. ewwww

I'm freaking out thinking that my baby will be handicapped in some way is that normal? or that he/she will be ugly and I know that comes across as being very vain but what if I have the kid with the big ears or nose?

i think i bit off more than I could chew...


Wandering Coyote said...

I'm sure everything is normal, flea! And it's normal to worry, too, I'm sure. Lots going on. But you are going to be GREAT!

Swishy said...

OK, I think that stuff all the time about when I have kids, like what if this or what if that. It SERIOUSLY freaks me out because I think what if it is a premonition or something. I'm sure your baby will be beautiful and perfect! (Are you going to find out the gender?)

flea said...

WC - thanks, I totally needed that encouragement :)

Swishy - I know i'm not alone and that other people freak too, but you can't help but wonder...i'm driving my self CRAZY!!

sigh and yes I sooo need to know what it is - July 10th we should know as that is my next ultrasound

mcBlogger said...

First, it's perfectly normal to have all those fears, but I'm absolutely sure your baby will be fine. Second, your forgetfulness is merely a side affect of having so many other things on your mind, like impending motherhood for instance? Third, those panties will be your best friend at the end, BUT don't discount a good pair of thongs. If they are soft, low rise, and loose enough you can totally wear a pair sexy but floss. Who said you can't? DO it you sexy pregnant mom-to-be

Beth said...

I think you're so normal....we all think crazy things when we're pregnant...and it won't stop after you ahve the baby either! "Is she breathing?" "Was that a cough or is he choking??!!" "Is that 7 toes on her right foot?!"