Tuesday, April 28, 2009

say what

what the hell was the U.S gov't thinking when the decided that creating a "photo op" of a plane near the statue of liberty??? like really was this such a great idea. do they not realize that seeing a plane that low and near buildings and landmarks that people would freak out (reasonably so). TOTALLY STUPID people, like beyond DUH

the swine flu - i'm terrified and think the end of the world is coming. seriously

the weather in my neck of the woods has been so beautiful and warm the last few days. spring is finally, FINALLY here, in fact it is almost humid/muggy here today. LOVE IT

had the privilege of watching the "birthing video" last night in prenatal class and really it's you know shocking but what got me the most was the ladies vajayjay hair. OMG it was so long and bushy you could braid it. so gross. and how embarrassing. i will NOT let it get that bad in fact I informed my husband that once i'm to the point that I cannot see it anymore he will have to trim it for me. sure I get the fact that when i'm that far gone in labour i probably won't give a damn but ewwww I don't want long bushy hair down there EVER. i just vomited in my mouth thinking about it, can you imagine how it would smell (shudders)

moving on

I also finally got my shrieky eyebrows waxed the other day and they look so much better, also got my hair did and while it is a little on the short side i'm sure it will grow in like a day. i may or may not take a pic and post it here

Idol is on tonite!!

Lost 100th episode is tomorrow night can't wait to see what happens

yes my life revovles around t.v

sad isn't it


Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, well I am so glad you got something really useful from that birthing video! Trust me, though: the nurses/doctors etc. I'm sure have seen every type of vajayjay hair imaginable and probably wouldn't give a crap about what yours looks like!

Swishy said...

I am right there with you, I would have gotten the same thing out of the birthday video ... LOL.

flea said...

WC - perhaps it cuz for years I have watched the TLC show "baby story" I wasn't overly concerned about the actual birth and it may have also been that I was averting my eyes from seeing the head "crown" and thus ended up looking at her pubic hair either way I did learn a few things and trust me my mom is a labour nurse and they DO talk about stuff like that (among other things)

swishy - at least i'm not alone!! love ya swishy

Beth said...

oh gawd, that really makes me wonder what they said about ME when I gave birth!!!! ;)

Trim trim trim!