Wednesday, April 08, 2009

i'm noticing

an increase in my breast size. like holy TITTIES. I've never had much in the boob department and to finally, FINALLY have cleavage after all these years to say it is impressive is an understatement. it almost brings me to tears. mind u i could do without the tenderness and sometimes sore nipples but it's soooo worth it (at least right now)

my waist has thickened some already and I'm already having to unbutton my one pair of jeans when I sit down (this is not so cool)

nausea - check

thank god no vomiting (yet)

and lastly, this may be gross to some people but I smell different you know down "there" and yes there is even stuff coming out. i could do without this too

enough on that subject

moving on

I totally need a new do and I am counting down the days until I have an appt with my hairdresser but everyone keeps saying pregnant women SHOULD NOT CUT THERE HAIR well at least not a short drastic cut but I need to do something, I mean I am hating my hair, it just feels nasty. It's dried out (i've deep conditioned it so many times I've lost count) and just feels so gross and nasty. part of me wants a cute chin length bob and the other part knows I should/need layers and keep my current length. I wish I could go tomorrow and have it done. guess i'll just have to suffer for another 2 weeks

and lastly I just have to bring up American Idol for a moment

I like Adam quite a bit, but really why all the hype about him? He's not that good/great and frankly I much prefer Allison over him. i. don't. get. it.

and I know it is really mean to make fun of handicapped people but I can't help but laugh a little while watching ________ (i so just forgot his name) umm the blind guy. last night was so akward and bad, i really think it's his night to go home

and that's all she wrote for another day

peace out


Beth said...

sorry, But I am SO thankful that Scott finally got sent home from, AI. he just wasn't cuttin it...adn I kept waiting for him to fall off the stage or fall down the steps or something.

so, why can't pregnant women cut their hair? I always HAD to cut my hair cuz it grew like CRAZY!!! I think getting rid of the dead ends and getting something that will be easy to take care of wouldmake a world of difference for you.

and girrrrrl, the BOOBIES!!!!!! Gotta love the boobies!!!! That's how I always knew I was pregnant before I knew I was pregnant! the boobies GROW! great huh?


flea said...

ugh i know bout time he's gone, I think he was getting sympathy votes or something cuz he should've been gone like weeks ago

I don't know why people are telling me this, I mean already for godsake, I don't even show yet (well I sort of do but whatev)so I don't know what to do...and my hair does grow superfast already...i dunno...can you tell i'm undecided??

and girl i love the boobies too!! it's fascinating to me how much they have grown

Swishy said...

OK, so what kind of stuff comes out??? There are SO MANY THINGS no one tells you about being pregnant!

flea said...

swishy - omg you have no idea!! If I didn't have Jilly who did this ahead of me telling me A LOT of this I would have freaked out

Mo said...

LOFreakingL at the holy titties. I'll take some off your hands (or chest, whichever) if you don't want them! LOL

mcBlogger said...

Ok, so why can't pregnant women cut their hair? I heard it's not good to die it cuz of the chemicals but way, so whatever you want to do to your hair. Actually, when your pregnant, you should do whatever you need to, to feel good and look good. It's hard when you've got morning sickness and growing belly, so do what you gotta do and enjoy it.