Friday, April 17, 2009

ho hum

I've been sort of "blue" or "down in the dumps" as they say, not exactly sure why just feel shitty. sure it's probably hormones or some other pregnancy related thing but why can't it just go away. aren't pregnant woman supposed to be happy and glowey?


I'm sick of working, more precisely i'm sick of working like every freakin weekend. not that I even do anything on weekends anymore, but still nothing irks me more than seeing someone write on crackbook "TGIF" well it isn't for me you f*@%!

I'm also sick of being bloated, like wtf? and on a sadder note I can no longer button my one and only pair of jeans and have thus resorted to wearing jogging pants 24/7. the only plus to this is that I never leave me house so thank god nobody sees me

I thought April is supposed to be warm and springy. well it isn't. i'm frickin freezing ALL the time, and on Easter it snowed here

I miss my sissy

how awsome is the show Fringe? and better yet, how freakin HOT is Joshua Jackson??? you must watch this show if you haven't and if you are into a show half Grey's/CSI cuz it's a combination of something like that but with a kick of the X-files too. so good

i need a hobby - anyone got anything that I could take up?

and that's about it, or at least all I got for now

peace out :P


Wandering Coyote said...

I've heard of Fringe but never watched it. When is it on?

I'm very sure you're about to find out all kinds of things about pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood that women typically don't talk about. Just a feeling... After all, if all women did was share the shitty stuff, there would be 0 population growth, right? Instead, we have to find out the shitty stuff on our own.

Swishy said...

Joshua Jackson is super hot!!!

OK, and Flea, PLEASE tell us all the things no one tells us. I don't understand why no one tells about the bad stuff!!

flea said...

WC - it's on after American Idol on Tuesday (quite late), I usually end up taping it or watching it online at

swishy - hahahaha i'll try my best

Beth said...

I love that show too!!! It's freaking awesome!

and ya sure, pregnant women are SUPPOSED to be all glowy and stuff....but whoever really is? I NEVER was! Especially not in the beginning when you're bloated and cranky and tiredand throwing up. But it does usually get better...usually. ;)