Saturday, July 18, 2009


well i'm at work on a 3 day stretch (stuck on day 2) and had a moment to think well I should blog about that and so here I am

i'm finding working more difficult of course it doesn't help when my job is mostly physical and extremely tiring and just plain hard work. I can't go and go like I used to, i'm noticing the 1st thing to go is my back, then my feet and then i'm just plain tired and that's only usually 3-4 hrs into my shift. i'm going to cut back though as I have been lifting on heavy stuff that I prob shouldn't be and frankly the way I felt when I left here last night I could have cried (then I laid awake all night with aches and pains) so i'm not doing it anymore it's so not worth it

i also noticed yesterday that I now waddle

I always thought to myself well I will never walk like that when i'm pregnant, well guess what you have no say what-so-ever in that matter, it's like your body has a mind of it's own

i've also lost my belly button, i don't know how that's even possible but it's happened. it's just gotten flatter and flatter and what do you know GONE, well not entirely and god I hope I don't get one of those protruding belly buttons but i'm sure that is BOUND to happen too.....

and the peeing


you think you have to go sooooo bad and then when you take all the effort to haul your gigantic ass out of bed (doesn't help when your back is screaming at you) there's only a tiny dribble. i think I may take up permanent residence on the toilet, i mean you can sleep there can't you??

I had my ultra sound last week, thankfully i'm not carrying twins, despite the fact that every person I run into seems to think so...

or that my dates are totally wrong, surely i'm further along than what I am cuz i'm so huge

well guess what i'm not ppl she's just measuring long, cuz she's tall like her daddy. so back off. mmm kay

also survived and passed my sugar testing which I was DREADING and actually it was so not bad at all, I had heard horror stories about how awful the drink was and frankly I didn't mind it at all and frankly I don't know why I was so stressed and worried about it but i'm glad it's over and done

and that's all I got - peace out :P


Swishy said...

I bet you have a cute waddle though ;)

mcBlogger said...

Ya, the waddle is unavoidable. Good job on the sugar test. I myself, hated it. It was very hard to chug back the last of that putrid orange drink that was strangely similar to Orange Tang with not enough water. Blech