Friday, May 04, 2007

i'm a weak, weak person

well i've always known that, but you know how i wen't on a speel last week about not purchasing body wash or smelly products, umm yeah, i caved and bought new body wash today cuz i was in the drug store for my mom (whose sick, i know aren't i just the sweetest!!) anyways, and guess what, there before me was the dreaded isle that i cannot avoid, and oh my god they had shea butter stuff ON SALE!!! and i couldn't walk away, and then i smelled it and yeah, so forgive me fellow bloggers i have sinned....but i'll smell so YUMMY!

so not only was that bad enough but i totally gorged myself on mcdonald's, so i'm a major sinner today

but on the positive side of things i did refrain myself from placing an order on sephora the other day, so that's one thing right??


now i totally want to go back on sephora...must restrain thy self...

changing the topic now to try and divert myself, i have so many options as to what i can do this weekend it's been driving me crazy! i could A)go to a themed costume party with fellow co-workers, which i somewhat would like to go to (without the hubs of course!) or B)go on a ATV poker ralley with the hubs and other friends or C)not a GD thing, well except mabye some housework, i'm leaning more towards C but yet i keep thinking i'd like to do A or frustrating and stressful!!

dammit i'm sighing again

anyways, peace the spork out and have a super fantstic weekend!!


Hails said...

shea butter stuff is sooo good. Makes you wanna just smell ya self all day! LOL!!

Hope you have a good weekend flea!

Wandering Coyote said...

There are way worse things to be indulging in than nice-smelling body stuff. Go nuts, I say!

Swishy said...

Ohhh, I love good-smelling body stuff!

Beth said...

i pick c...I love doing nothing at all.

I am using the new Dove body wash w/oil, or something like that, and I lOVE it. And I am strictly a soap and wter girl.