Thursday, July 03, 2008


you know I never ever recall EVER being a person that sweats, like, a lot and then on top of that smelling sweaty (you know that smell). but lately i've noticed that i'm sweating and yup, it also smells that sweaty smell (so grose).

like wtf?

did my hormones change? sure, I know I am heavier than i've probably ever been in my life, and yes it's god forsaken hot here right now. but me sweating. never. happened. people I swear. in fact I always used to brag about NOT sweating. guess karma is kicking me in the ass right now and laughing right in my face.

not cool people. not cool. esp cuz where i never used to sweat sometimes I forget to put the deodorant on and that is just bad

i always associated that smelly smell with that kid in gym class, you know the geek/nerdy one that's so not an athlete and so out of shape that they sweat like a mofo, like I mean t-shirt soaking wet sweat and ugh the smell!! I just find it so repulsive and now i'm that fat kid out of shape.


i need to go on a diet and get some better deodorant

and you know how I know that I need to diet...

well, my panties are to small for starters, which is such a pain in the ASS literally, I don't think i've ever picked my ass so much as I have the last week or so, and i've noticed that some shirts aren't quite fitting so well, like oh say not able to button them any more


did I mention that it is extremely hot, therefore the laziness kicks in and I don't want to exercise or cook so i'm eating junk

i'm my own worst enemy

i think it stopped thundering/raining I might take the dogs for a run




Wandering Coyote said...

Hmmm...I know that some of the meds I take cause sweating and heat sensitivity, so I never really question my sweat activity...If you are taking any medications, though, you might want to do some research as to their side-effects.

Eileen said...

You look great to me, from your vacation photos, you look just right. I think we are our own worse critics. I think we do sweat more as we get older. The heat never bothered me, now I am like my mother. I need my fans and AC.

You should read Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster. So funny, it had me laughing out loud. Much needed laughter!

Have a great weekend.

flea said...

WC - that is interesting...never thought of that..sadly though i'm not currently on any medications other than my birth I can't blame it on that

eileen - aw thanks, i appreciate that. and we are so our own worse critics. I just keep comparing myself to how small I used to be, I am at my heavest right now and I hate it. and I agree it is as we get older which totally suxs ah what i have to look forward! I will def. check out that book I love/enjoy books that can make me laugh, thanks for the tip/advice & hope you have a great weekend too

Beth said...

man, I compare myself to how I USED to be all. the. time. and the thing is...I thought I was fat back then...when I weighed 107. ya. Now I'm a completely beached whale!

happy 4th!!!

flea said...

beth - omg I DO TOO!! and it drives me crazy. I thought I was fat back in the day too and I was maybe 115...sigh if only I were that today...ah well we should only look to the future and not look back but old habits die hard

Swishy said...

I think you are awesome just the way you are!!! Blame the humidity, that's what I do.

mcBlogger said...

Hmm it was indescribably hot last week. Maybe it'll all pass. We're all sweating with you,.