Tuesday, September 29, 2009

baby flea's room pics

cuz I have no life and i'm going out of my mind with boredom today, I picked up my piece of junk camera (i'm sooo upgrading before baby comes), I thought I would snap some pics of the babies room of what I have so far and do a before and after once I paint (I finally decided on colors, so hopefully the hubs will paint this weekend)

this is as you first walk in, that's the diaper stacker/holder

mobile and the two colors I am going to paint. doing the long wall in the dark purple and the rest in the beige/tan

front of the crib

car seat (we practice with curious george) & bassinet

change table

belly shot, yes it's blury as hell but it was the best out of the lot

and lastly and most importantly....

32 wks this week, only 8 more to go!


Beth said...

wow.....time marches on, huh? not much longer now girl! and the nursery looks fabulous and the wardrobe!!! OH MY!!!! But don't yuo love it? ;)

You are too toooo cute....

Wandering Coyote said...

Wow, this is soooooo exciting! The room looks super cute and it looks like you're totally set - all you need is the baby now! You look great!

flea said...

Beth - I know eh, crazy where the time went and the wardrobe..I have been hitting value village pretty hard and I haven't even had a baby shower yet...this little girl will know how to work a wardrobe! and yes, i'm lovin every minute...well sort of...

WC - thanks! I go thru days where I'm excited and then the next day I panic and i'm totally terrified but I know will get thru it...hopefully