Monday, September 21, 2009


not much to report my friends, my life has become so bland and boring I put myself to sleep all the time. can't remember if I told you that I was put off work or not, in fact I can hardly remember this morning, each day blends into the last. it's rather depressing really and I may possibly go insane.

this is what I have picked out for baby flea's bedding/room theme, except the room will be done in a lilac purple color

i've also been overcome with "nesting" aka cleaning or just plain rummaging with something. my reasoning is that I won't be able to do it once the baby is here, so i've been re-arranging rooms, cleaning closets, doing laundry galore, you name it i've probably done it in the past couple of weeks.

I didn't watch the Emmy's, but I have to ask does anyone even watch Mad Men or money or what-ever that show is? cuz I never have...just sayin....

I'm feeling very rotund, sort of like this...

and I cannot possible imagine that I am going to get even bigger but sadly that's the fact and there isn't anything I can do about it.

two months to go people

9 weeks

64 days - at least until my due date, I hope to GOD that this little one arrives on time like her mama and that I don't go over

our friends wedding was beautiful, I took maybe 5 pics and then my camera died. I so wanted to get a pic of myself and the hubs (who looked quite sexy in his tuxedo) but, didn't happen cuz my camera is a piece of shit.

and that's all I got for now - peace out


Swishy said...

I love the bedding!! I can't wait to see cute little baby Flea!

flea said...

i know!! I just received it today and it is even cuter in person, I can't wait to paint and hang the curtain and just add all the little finishing touches to the room and then she will be here! so crazy and weird to wrap my head around it all

Wandering Coyote said...

Flea: can you send me your mailing address please. My email is: