Thursday, September 03, 2009

HOLY fracking leg cramps!

so isn't it bad enough that i'm up every 1-1/2 hrs to pee, or change sleeping positions because my hips hurt from all the "weight" i'm carrying, on top of all THAT I get leg cramps like you would not believe

in fact a friend warned me that she had them and I just brushed it off like ah they probably weren't that bad

well, let me tell you

pain unlike anything I have EVER had before and it doesn't instantly go away, in fact I half thought that my leg would remain locked (and when I say locked I mean it's locked, like rigid, solid cannot move) in this excruciating pain for the rest of my life, so then you panic and my eyes are watering and i'm rolling around on the bed in agony, panicking and then its gone as fast as it appeared leaving me to wonder when the next one will hit....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I got my hair done yesterday and I hate it, well, no that's not right I just hate everything about myself lately

my boobs are leaking colostrum already - woke up the other morning and the hubs was like what is one your shirt, didn't even know it happened or better yet didn't know that that could happen

still working hopefully not for much longer, so want to be done, tired of it all physically and mentally and terrified that I could get H1N1 aka swine flu. it kills pregnant people! esp. if they are in the 3rd trimester - which I am!! paranoid much, check

can you believe it's September already? like where did August go?????

i'm going on Saturday to have a 3D ultrasound done of baby flea, cannot wait to actually see his/her face and to know for sure what we are having

I also need to find a dress to haul my pregnant ass into for the hubs bestest buds wedding the following weekend, so wish me luck on that cuz i'm sure i'm going to need it....

other than that it's business as usual for me - aka not a whole lot :P

check ya later!


Wandering Coyote said...

I've had horrible calf cramps from working on my feet all day on shitty, cement floors. Is it your calves that are cramping, or another part of your legs? If it's your calves, try dorsi-flexing your foot, which basically means using your ankle to point your toes all the way forward like a ballerina on points, then bending your ankle all the way back again. Do this until the calf cramp ceases. Usually works for me. Massage is also a good thing. Can you have a nice relaxing bath before bed, to calm your muscles down?

Sorry things are a pain in the ass for you right now. I didn't know you'd start lactating so soon, either. Weird. I'm so excited for you though!!! Good luck shopping!

flea said...

wc - thanks for the tip, from what i've read online that's also what they recommend, and yes it's strictly in the calf. they also advise drinking more milk, which I guess I will have to choke down anything would be better than that pain, and it usually wakes me right up out of a dead sleep. not all women lactate early either, guess i'm one of the lucky few! i'm getting excited and nervous too about it all only 12 wks left to go!! eeekk!!

Beth said...

oh girllll, I had leg cramps something awful when I was pregnant. dr. said eat more bananas...whatever.

and ya, the colostrum thing...kinda gross but then so totally cool too! I did that and could have nursed THREE babies, I was a freaking COW!!!

and will you let us know what you're having??????

Swishy said...

Leg cramps are the WORST!!!!!!

Soooooo???? Do you know, do you know?