Monday, October 12, 2009

the wicked witch is dead!

you may or may not recall that the hubs and I had purchased my grandmother's property (which is adjacent to ours) last year (sure I could be all cool and put a link up, but I don't roll like that) and to be honest I thought we would be stuck with it forever, especially after the last people screwed us over royally. but as of October 9th, it's not ours anymore!!

it's gone


done and good riddance!

a Dutch family of 5 (who has 5 kids now-a-days?!) actually bought and paid for it, and were extremely happy and excited to buy/move in. frankly, I thought it was a hovel myself but with some hard work and $$ that the hubs and I do not have it could be a good house again. I haven't written anything here about it cuz I didn't want to jinx it but now that they have signed the paper work and actually moved in, I sort of can't really believe it. sure it's going to be sort of shitty having neighbors again, but it's such a huge relief and such a weight/stress has been lifted from my shoulders

in other news

I've been having frequent braxton hicks or at least I hope to god it's braxton hicks, it's too early for her to come yet (I'M NOT READY!) yesterday was the worst yet, very crampy with sharp pains and then I also had diarrhea, not cool, especially when it's Thanksgiving and you are visiting family and ingesting not one, but TWO turkey dinners within 2 hrs of each other


I have such a rough life, I tell ya

over and out for now I lost my energy burst

*UPDATE* so I did go to the hospital yesterday just to be sure (at my mother's persistence) and it IS Braxton Hicks (which I so knew it was) but still it was scary being hooked up onto the stress test and worrying that I was in early labour, thankfully i'm not (yet) but the Dr. told me to take it easy and try my best to get to 36 weeks cuz she CANNOT come out before then. so i'm sitting here with a dirty house trying very hard to restrain myself from vacuuming the floor which scary as it sounds is VERY hard for me but so not worth the consequences


Wandering Coyote said...

Well, I'm glad that burden is gone for you.

Now, go and lay down with your feet up and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING until that baby comes, OK????

flea said...

WC - haha, you sound like my mom, she's banned me from doing stuff too, trust me I am trying but its hard and very, very BORING! I need to take up knitting or something to keep me preoccupied

Mo said...

You can be like me and take up scrapbooking and then totally hate yourself for it. Hehehe

Beth said...

YAYAYAY! No more burden draggin you down. You so don't need that right now! YAYAYA!

flea said...

mo - hahaha that's so true, and exactly why I haven't taken it up yet! sadly, once the little one is here I think I am headed down that path, I mean I will have to do something with all those pictures

beth - double YAY!!

Swishy said...

Ahhhhhh! So when is your due date?