Wednesday, October 28, 2009

no more monkeys jumping on the bed

i am going insane with boredom


I tell you the days are really, really long sometimes. I mean a person can only nap so much. believe me I am tired, cuz sleep and I are no longer friends, I do well to get an hour at a time through the night but lately I cannot seem to sleep through the day and naps and I used to be very good friends indeed

but not no more

my mind is constantly racing with things to do

like packing my bag for the hospital (which is practically done other than the last minute stuff that I use every day)

or cleaning out that hallway closet with all the "junk" in it, cuz who knows when I will ever get to that once baby is here

or should I bake some cookies, that would kill a half hour and hello cookie dough!

or there is always my dogs looking at me all sad and depressed like "hello, pay attention to me, take me for a walk, something, anything??" when was the last time I paid them attention?

then there is also the growing pile of pregnancy books that I have yet to read, i've got 3 or 4 on the go


yes there is tons for me to do

but I literally get tired in like 5 minutes

and I can't stand on my feet too long, because they are swollen and hurt like hell so I've been going in small little bursts of 15 minute cleaning sprees with several hour intervals in between.

i'm sick of the t.v (we too used to be best of friends), sick of the Internet (esp. crackbook which I seem to check every 5 minutes with nothing ever changing)

i'm just soooo bored

sure in 6 months I will probably look back at this and think, you freaking crazy crackwhore what the hell were you complaining about, enjoy the peace and quiet while you can! i'm on my 7th week of being home, not working with only the rare outing or two a week. a person can only take so much.

in other news I received my h1n1 vaccine on Monday so we can all breathe a sigh of relief (for now)

also I am now 4 weeks away from my due date

how freakin scary is that?!


Wandering Coyote said...

I can hear how frustrated you are. You will be busy soon enough! I would come & keep you company if I were closer!

Swishy said...

Totally scary! AHHH! But totally exciting too!

flea said...

wc - aaww thank you, at least somebody cares!!

swishy - I vary back and forth between being terrified and then so excited I just can't stand another minute, I want her to come out, I want to see her!!

Bina said...

4 weeks to go! It will go SO fast!

Didn't mean to scare you with my delivery tale. I have a tilted pelvic (so does my sister) and I KNEW I wouldn't be able to deliver that baby and they would NOT listen! My ... whatever you call it is too narrow and can't open the way it's supposed to.

However, having said that, my second baby was breach so he was c-section but I had a mid-wife with my third that let me deliver vaginally (she was only 6 lbs 2 oz) and the last was c-section. I can tell you for sure that vaginal delivery is SO much better than a c-section.

I wish you all the luck!!!!

And yea, bored? Me too, big time. I want to run naked in the rain right now just for something to do! LOL