Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday Five

finally a post where i don't bitch, whine and complain....hahahaha ok so that's not really all that funny, and trust me i'm sure i'll be back to my regular whine all too soon

anyways, Happy Friday!!!

and seeings how i haven't done one of these in FOREVER! i'm way over due

5 fav songs of the moment:

Enrique Iglesias - Do you know (the ping pong song) LUV THIS!! & he's hot

Eve - Tambourine

Maroon 5 - Makes me wonder

and the last two i'm almost ashamed to admit i like, but i so do!!

Hilary Duff - Stranger (watch the video, the duffster is all grown up and working the belly dancin)

Good Charlotte - Dance floor anthem, oh god i can't believe i just admitted to liking Good Charlotte....what's the world coming too??


Beth said...

I love Maroon 5!! You get that song in your head and you sing it all day long!

flea said...

beth - oooh i know, plus he's sexy in a weird sort of way...

secret lady said...

omg!!! i love that new eve song too...part of my workout

Ben O. said...

I don't know if I've even heard a single one of those. I have to log my bootie onto iTunes and start a downloadin' pronto.

Ben O.