Tuesday, July 03, 2007

can somebody tell me...

why i'm such a push over?

why don't i like my new job?

why am i missing my old job?

why do i procrastinate so?

why do i hate getting groceries? or better yet..

why do i always pick the slowest freaking lane?

why do i have low self esteem?

why can't i be more positive, and not so negative?

why i've been such a neglectful blogger?

why i can't keep my hands off my face, hence, major zits and greasy face, but i still can't stop touching it!!??

why all of a sudden do i now mind the heat when i used to love it?

why do i constantly compare myself to others?

why is it we can never seem to get ahead?

why is there always a "project" or "repairs" that need to be done?

why do i get such brutal painful headaches that aren't quite a migraine but man they knock me down and out?

why can't i just be happy and content?

why can't i seem to get motivated and start that diet i was supposed to start months ago?

why can't we go back in time to re-do things?

why can't we have sunshine and lollipops everyday?


Wandering Coyote said...

Yeah, such is the plight, eh? I can't answer any of those questions for you, Flea, though I wish I could. I just wish you the strength to keep on with it, and find the answers within your heart.

Mo said...

Total aside from your post, here's the site to make your own Simpsons character. Just click on the "Create Avatar".

Mo said...

Sorry, forgot about the site:


Beth said...

gawd, when you get thes answers to these questions, will you pass them on to me? You ahve low self esteem?!! But you're freakin BEAUTIFUL and have so much going for you! You're funny, and caring and love celeb gossip just as much as I do! There can't be anything better than that!

Love you flea!

Scottsdale Girl said...

Sunshine and lollipops every day would get rilly boring. :) I'm jes sayin

poo-head said...

Man....I've had those days. Hope you feel better soon. Sometimes I'll take one of those questions (the deeper ones, not the lane choice type ones!) and spend a lot of time on it...just attack it relentlessly and come to an answer. It may give you answers that help with the other questions too, but regardless you can decide if there's anything you can do about it or not. Either that, or get into the rum and cokes and start over tomorrow! Hope you feel better.