Monday, July 30, 2007

same old, same old

i got nothing new really, just thought i would report that i'm still alive.

it's still bloody hot, humid, sticky
my job still blows goats
still having no luck what-so-ever finding a new job
i can't believe tomorrow is the last day of July, where the hell did the summer go? and yes it's pretty much over once August hits..sorry but it's true
i've also yet to start my diet. boo! :( so lazy is me

and that's about all really. that and what a neglectful blogger i've been. shame, shame on me i must catch up and visit you all.

peace out :P


Wandering Coyote said...

I am also wondering where July went! August is still very summery here, so I'll have to put up with the heat a little while longer... Glad you're still alive and kicking!

poo-head said...

Hey Flea! I'm in NB too, down here in Sussex, and man it's plenty hot here in I'm not counting summer out yet. You've still got lots to look forward to!


mcBlogger said...

It IS hot, it IS sticky, and the job market DOES suck! Chin up girl, you'll make it!

Dawn said...

I extend a similar apology - I officially declare summer 'slack blogging season' ... and totally agree that once August hits, it's downhill ... the year is zooming by at an alarming rate. In spite of a huge gap in coming to visit, I still enjoy all you have to say and am always tempted to ask ... so when you gonna tell us how you REALLY feel - I love how you whine! I hadn't noticed before that you have given me place among other honorees on your Peeps list - thanks!!!! Enjoy August and see you again, sooner. xxx

Mo said...

I'm also bummed that summer is almost over. Feels like it just flew by.

Scottsdale Girl said...

Um what ess thees end of summer you speak of?

Sweltering in the Desert