Friday, August 17, 2007

i'm still kickin

man has it been a week?


honestly what a week, you know i think my hubby and i need a kick in the head cuz we so wen't and got a new puppy and OMG I SO FORGOT HOW MUCH WORK! fer real. he won't stop barking/crying all night long and the last 2 nights i've slept on the couch just so he'll actually sleep. and then on top of all that we have to train him to sit, pee/poop outside, stay, what "no" actually means, and just basically everything. oh and did i mention he's never seen a cat before? my poor baby kitty's are mortified and he will not stop chasing them. ok, if i ever, ever want a puppy again could someone please talk me out of it?


so i'm so sleep deprived it's not even funny

on the other hand though i do have some positive news on the job front. they hired another girl to take over my old route so i'll now be able to stay "local" and won't have to do near as much travelling, so i'm anxious to see if i'll like it better or not. hopefully i will.

other than that i got nothing, other than the fact that i'm so freakin disappointed in the weather it has cooled off dramatically and feels like (gasp) fall! so wrong. oh and kids are back to school next week in some area's. like honestly where did the summer go?

peace out, i'm on puppy duty :P


Beth said...

oh god...puppies are so stinkin cute (pictures please!) but they are so. much. work. AHHHHHHHHH!! It's just like having a kid really. seriously.

But they are cute! What kind of puppy and what's it's name?

Swishy said...

I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU GOT A PUPPY! I want one, but you have talked me out of it :) Show pics!

mcBlogger said...

Oh how I remember the woes of puppy duty. Puppies are soo cute, but soo much work. The sleep deprivation is by far the worst. You'll make it through. I am totaly confident. :-)

flea said...

beth - oh he's a cutie pie alright...oi vey...we actually couldn't resist getting another shepard, and i so need to get off my tired lazy ass and take some pics..must get on that..and were calling him riley

swishy - actually, me either!! was so not planning it, and i promise to post pics soon

mcb - i can't believe how sleep deprived i am, i probably need like 3 days of just sleep..