Saturday, June 20, 2009

giggle fits

oh boy, i have had a few giggle fits in my day but lately due to all the hormones raging through my body I have been averaging at least once a week if not more and some of them like the other night occur at the oddest times

and I mean these are full on, hardcore fits, like laugh until your sides hurt, tears (literally gushes of water) streaming from my eyes and i'm left gasping for air, i'm sure I look like either

a) someone having a epileptic fit (i mean no offense to anyone who has seizures..)
b) some crazy wacked out lady whose high on acid or whatever drug and will soon have the munchies..
c) someone having an allergic reaction (my face gets beat red)
d) all of the above


the 1st time this happened I was shopping in Sears with my mom and Jilly who can literally pop her baby boy out any day (this was a few weeks ago), now I dunno what it is about Sears but I hate this store in fact we all hate it, but every time we shop we end up in there like a bad dream. perhaps it is the dreary gloomy dank lighting or the lazy clerks who never want to help you and so painfully ring you in ever so slowly or it may be all the 100's of different perfumes they have on hand, i just cannot stand this store.

so here we are in the ladies section (again) as jilly needs to get a nursing bra and my mom (who is on the shorter side) somehow manages to back into a clothing rack driving the rack into her back. not really funny right, in fact I should have been concerned about whether or not she was truly hurt but something about the look on her face as it happened and the way she grabbed her neck set me off

I was so gone, i burst out laughing and could not stop

time laughing 10 min at least and then I still had the giggles the entire time in the store

and then the weird case happend

I took to laughing during sex

yes, that's right you read it right. right dab in the middle of having sex I took the fits and could not stop

like what the hell


so other than having lot's of giggle fits and receiving more and more comments about my ever expanding waistline, not much else is new. I recently signed and started an on-line course which lasts for 6 wks and hopefully will snag me a much better job than what i'm currently doing, so keep your fingers crossed

other than that I got nothing! hope everyone else is doing fine


Wandering Coyote said...

Nothing wrong with giggle fits - I'm so glad you're doing that and not all weepy and irritable!

flea said...

WC - well, i have my share of those too....lmao. definetely a rollercoster of emotions

Swishy said...

Ha ha ha ha ... I am totally laughing. You are so funny!!