Monday, June 01, 2009

latest and greatest

no I haven't fallen off the face of the earth (again) just haven't felt much like blogging of late

still nothing really new and exciting other than I'm sporting a larger belly, which has grown drastically the last couple of weeks. (15 weeks this week!!!)

so far I have encountered the following sayings repeatably and i'm sure it is only going to get worse but every time I hear one of these I want to scream:

How are you feeling? - ok, I know you mean well but how the hell do you think i'm feeling? I feel like shit, i'm tired, i'm cranky and oh yeah i've gained 5+ pounds nothing fits anymore and I want to CRY ALL THE TIME. i say none of this though I just smile and nod

Are you excited? - no, not really because I am in DENIAL. again, smile and nod

When are you due? - November, to which they smile look at my every protruding belly and say, oh??! WTF then they usually say are you sure there is only one in there? like c'mon how freaking RUDE can a person be and as another pregnant friend has informed me this only gets WORSE, that and they resort to patting your belly. if some stranger pats my belly I will attempt to hit them or throw something at them

Do you want to know what it is? - well I sure as hell hope it's not an alien (which I think it sort of is..) and I always hesitate on this one because you either say "yes" to which you get the following response of "well I wouldn't want to know, your ruining the surprise" or if you say no you get the opposite of "well, it would make it so much easier to buy things". so I just smile and nod at this too and walk away

people probably think i'm deaf, dumb or whatever but I don't care

and I just lost my energy burst

think i'll have a nap

catch up with u all later :P


Swishy said...

Oh, Flea, you make me laugh. You are so awesome! I TOTALLY would think the same things!!!

mcBlogger said...

Don't you hate it when people touch your belly? it's rude beyond all reason. Next time someone does, touch their belly too. Rub it even, and comment on what they had for lunch. :-)

Beth said...

I would TOTALLY rub someone's belly if they are rude enough to rub mine..without permission....and ask when THEY'RE DUE!!!!!!

Beth said...

oh honey...laughing will keep you young! and believe me, you're gonna NEED to laugh after you have a baby.... ;)