Thursday, June 25, 2009

sweat and stretch marks

i have never in my life, EVER minded the summer heat and humidity, well I do now. holy hell i'm hot and clammy and sticky and sweating like a mofo, there is literally a river running through my now plumper fuller breasts (which sag and lie on my upper most fat roll which also sweats), I should probably wear a bra all the time now but I hate to when I'm just home lounging and did I mention that I'm hot and any extra clothing would just make me hotter. I think I may consider becoming a nudist, although i'm sure it wouldn't be a pretty sight....

I also discovered my first stretch marks on my above mentioned breasts at first I thought it was just creases from my shirt (I just woke up) but sadly no, they didn't fade away, still there. I think I cried a little and i'm sure they are only the beginning even though I religiously lather myself in lotion that is supposed to enhance my skin's elasticity. well at least I smell nice

in other news, miss jilly has yet to have her baby and will be induced tomorrow so let's all keep her in our thoughts and prayers and hope for a good delivery and healthy, happy baby. I can't wait to meet him!!


Swishy said...

I hear cocoa butter is supposed to help, although I don't know since I haven't been pregnant. Boooo that sucks.

Wandering Coyote said...

I have tons of stretch marks just from rapid growth spurts in my teens. They're very common.

Here is a site you might be interested (or not...). It's called The Belly Project:

I think it's quite cool, actually. Let me know what you think!

flea said...

swishy - i've heard that too and the stuff that I have been using is or has some in it..i've also heard a lot about bio-oil, I may try it as well, although from what i've read they say if it's in your genetic genes no matter what you do you are still going to get them regardless (boo) but I still enjoy smelling nice and pretty and my skin is super soft so that's a plus

WC - thanks I will def check it out and let you know :)