Monday, June 29, 2009


Alexander Mark
born June 27, 2009
10.07 lbs
He's HERE!!!!!
isn't he just the cutest thing!! of course i'm a dumb ass and forgot my own camera so this is one I took from a friend and I just thought it was soooo sweet. I love everything about him, of course he is a chubby monkey (which is nice as i'm not so scared to hold him, which is weird...normally i'm terrified to hold a baby) weighing in at 10 pounds and miss jilly is a super star or super woman cuz she delivered him vaginally! imagine! actually, no I don't want to......and he has red/blond hair (which you can't see cuz of the hat, hope to get one soon to show you)
sigh this just makes me soooo happy and I could look at him all day
welcome to the world Alexander and I can't wait to watch you grow, and grow


Beth said...

awwww, Welcome alexander!!! What a cutie! Love the lips.

Wandering Coyote said...

Congrats to miss jilly!