Friday, July 15, 2005

one who slays birds

if i were a native american this would be my spirtual name assigned/given to me at birth. because i'm certain that the gods above damned me at birth to kill poor little helpless birds. and no i don't mean any offense to anyone that is native american.

this morning whilst driving to work singing to Gwen Stefani's song "cool" this little sparrow (i think) flew right into my on-coming piece of shit car in a nice little THUMP. i look behind me to see where it landed on the road only to note to myself that it has not been flung dead to the road leaving me only to suspect that it is stuck to the front of my car. EWWWW. continuing on my way (still singing) i seem to forget all about hitting this little creature, funny how easy the mind likes to erase things. i arrive at work thinking to myself only 8 more hours to go, please god get me through this day quickly and painlessly only to get out and sure enough this dad bird is stuck on the front of my car. by now my mind is racing and sreaming OH MY GOD I DON'T WANT TO TOUCH IT but yet at the same time my hand is reaching out ever so slowly to pull it's little wing free from the hood of my car...................


i fling the little thing across our parking lot in a shudder, straighten up and go in to work like nothing happend at all. only now as i sit here typing this am i recalling what happend this morning. how could i possibly blank out the trauma from this?? v. weird.

sadly my friends this is not the only time this has occured to me. there was this one time with my mom (who was driving) that a sea gull practicly came through the windshield, and another time where i hit a crow...........this is so wrong and it keeps happening to me. i tell you i'm CURSED!!

dun dun dun

in other exciting news besides my bird trauma......

I PASSED! yes, i passed my stupid commisioner of oaths test for work, thank you sweet jesus! a ton of bricks has been removed from my back.

piece of shit car is up & running again but sadly is still not totally repaired, also had to replace a shock on hubbies truck but luckily that was covered under warranty. phew!

growing ever more excited about the stones concert in september. CAN'T WAIT! i will actually have 4 days off in a row. OH MY GOD. my body will probably go into shock.

we are in for a beautiful sunny warm weekend. hoping to spend most of it by mom & dad's pool.

i'm out

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Krystal said...

yeah, the squirrels are even worse.