Tuesday, July 05, 2005

holy mofo

i don't know if it's the heat or if i'm just simply a bitch but lately things seem to be not so going my way and totally rubbing me the wrong way.


piece of shit car. it's never ending, repairs, repairs, repairs $ $ $. nough said

i need to study for this thing that i need to do for work and do you think i can make myself. hell no. but yet at the same time i'm stressing my brain out fretting about this freaking TEST! I hated school and tests!!!!! I could never study, EVER like i'm going to now. stupid, stupid, stupid that's me.

wen't to have my hair cut & highlighted tonight only to discover that my hairdresser only booked me for a cut. no highlights, which I am in desperate, desperate need of as my roots are well over an inch long now. found out that she won't be able to get me in again until 3 frickin weeks! how am i supposed to go this long i ask? guess i'll just have to look like a complete total dork for the next month. GREAT

where my piece of shit car is down and out for the count right now i have been driving hubbies big ass tank of a truck to work, only to suffer several jokes from fellow co-workers and lots of stares while driving. i feel like i'm driving a tank for godsakes it doesn't help to have pps stare. the only bonus to this situation is that the truck has air conditioning.

not only is piece of shit care costing us lot's of $ but we had to replace the battery in the truck last weekend.........like we needed this also

got suckered to go wheelin & fishing (which i sooooo did not want to do) on sunday. hubby whined and dined and got his way. i did enjoy myself (minus the allergies, grass & pollen is just brutal!) to some extent but i would have much rather loungd by the pool all afternoon gossiping with jilly but sadly no. instead i fried my frickin shoulder & neck on one side (yeah i really look like a freak with dark brown roots & one side all red! ha ha) which hurts like a son of a bitch and to make matters worse while driving my "tank" to work the seat belt rubs and chafes my neck all to hell which makes it hurt a lot worse.

i so didn't know how to spell chafe and i so just looked it up in the dictionary. god i'm a loser.

had an old fart in a beat up pick up pull right out in front of me this morning and i so wanted to run into him and run him off the road. is this normal? i think i need therapy.

really disgusted lately as this is my third summer in a row that I am unable to take any vacation/time off of work. so not fair and all this nice weather lately is not helping matters. i should be truly grateful that i have a good job and all but man being a new employee sucks ass.

finally weighted myself the other night and i'm not even going there right now...............

i think i'm either:

a) ready to explode from all my anger/tension
b) ready to be commited to a looney bin
c) withdraw from my mind and become comotose
d) severally hurt someone else
e) all of the above

take your pick


Bridget Jones said...

Beer and natchos. The heck with the diet, this is an emergency.

Quick. Beer and natchos.

Kleokatra said...

Chocolate. better yet, fudge covered oreos. That is the best thing for irritation/depression/anger/hell-anything.
I hope things start to calm down for you soon. :)