Thursday, July 28, 2005


off to the island we ago. i'm so excited i cannot contain myself!!!

only 2 more hrs of work and i'm off to blissfull P.E.I. for four nights and five days!!!! heaven.

let's hope that the weather co-operates.

can't wait to see jilly & "M" to go to sandspit to go on the go-karts & one final trip to Rainbow Valley (even though we have no kids). sad to see this place go as we always wen't there when i was a little kid.

and the most important factor..........

the BEACH! omg. how i love the sand, the ocean, waves.............


cannot stand to wait any longer must go now!!! he he

take care pps i'm sure i'll have lot's of stories to tell when we get back!

i'm out

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