Friday, August 05, 2005

shit storm

yup, this is the best way to describe my life at this moment in time.

shit storm

my family's latest word for our continous string of bad luck that just doesn't seem to be letting up.

the shit storm basically began when the St. Anne Nackawic mill closed down last September. my hubby, my dad and uncle Gary among many other families were affected. 400 + pps were left without a job. making it really hard financially on everyone & extra stress that we did not need.

then my grandmother passed away in november, which still hasn't really actually sunk in for me i still can't belive she's gone. some days i think she's still here and then other's it hits home and i have to cry. i miss her terribly & wish i could hear her laugh one more time. she had such an infectious laugh.

then in december my hubby's gram passed away like the week before x-mas. didn't see that one coming at all and it totally ruined the holiday.

couple of months later i lose my government job that i miss still today. wish i was still there and i miss all of the people i worked with. didn't really realize how good i had it there until i no longer had it.

in march i started job from hell at the call center in hartland. a very black time indeed for me. how i hated it there and how when i look back at it all i should have known from the interview that it was a messed up place to work in. but hey it was a learning experience and i at least got out of there.

my mom got injured at her work and had to be off for like two mohths due to her injury

my dad is still laid off waiting for the mill to re-open and praying that wheni t does he is one of the few who gets re-hired.

my cousin tommy (who is more like a brother to me) got injured on the job as well while working at Sabin cymbals and almost lost his hand. thankfully he didn't but he has a long road of physical therapy ahead.

my stupid cat mr. jynks had to go and get run over. god how i miss that damn cat.

had a weak moment on monday and wen't and got another kitten from crazy cat lady who had well over 50+ cats and felt sorry for the one that we brought home. there is something seriousily wrong with this cat as it is constantly shitting diehera that reaks unlike anything i have ever, ever smelled in my life. and it cannot seem to control it's bowles and there is always shit running out of it and ewwwwww. i'm taking it to the vet this afternoon and i'm hoping that it's just worms or something but if not i'm half considring taking it to the animal shelter as i just cannot handle the shit & smell. i've been keeping it in the basement and i feel horrible about doing that but it's better than having shit everywhere. oh and it hates, HATES the litter box and will not use it. god why do you let me make such dumb ass decisions??

wondering what's my latest bad news


i've been laid off from my job that i have only been at for mabye 3 months.

yup, that's right i'm un-employed. done. fin. didn't have to go to work today and don't have to go back even though he is paying me for 2 more wks of pay. my position has been discontinued and he is seeking someone with more experience to fill in for laura when she goes on her maternity leave in another couple of months. which i totally understand as it was taking me for-ever to figure out and learn the legal end and honestly i probably couldn't see myself there much longer anyways, but it still sucks ASS to be laid off. but at least i will qualify for EI if worst comes to worst which i'm sure it will as there are no jobs in Woodstock and i'm just feeling so sorry for myself today it's pathetic.

i know i should be thinking of the positive things and that when one door closes another always opens but it's just not really sinking home yet that i have no job.

ha ha ha ha ha

oh the joys that life throws at us!!!

i think i need therapy, i can't handle it anymore


Scarlett said...

I have been there in the shit storm, it sucks. Hang in there.

flea said...

mac, thanks, it's nice to know that one is not alone but at the same time i have yet to witness the light at the end of the tunnel as of yet.

but i'm haning in there!