Tuesday, August 09, 2005

i'm frickin 25!

so my birthday was yesterday and i just cannot believe that i'm this old. in my mind's eye i still feel like mabye 20 or 21. where has my life gone? and worse, i have no clue what i want to do with my life.

dunno what to do job wise. should i continue as a "administrative assisant" and be un-happy the rest of my life or should i go back to school and better myself? the only problem with this is i draw a blank when i think of what i could go back to study/learn/become.

hmmmmm mabye a:


business women,

arts (na not all that creative.......),

definetely not legal (ha ha ha)

ummm fuck if i know

what to do, what to do

my mind is running in constant circles. why must i be so GD indecisive? so not fair. wish i had set goals for myself in high school and i so would not be going through all this trauma/drama right now i would be graduated from college and be making the big $$$ ha ha as if anything ever works out the way you want or plan. sigh. if only.

so i'm bored already. 3 days without work and i'm bored already. you would think that i would be sleeping in, relaxing, de-stressing. nope. not me. i'm up at like 8 in the morning ready to go. i got up and cleaned and touched up some paint spots early this morning. so not typical me. it's kinda my way that i deal with things though. if i'm upset or worried i clean. weird.

well it's another hot/humid day and i'm heading in to mom's here shortly to lay and lounge by the pool while i get a killer tan and some skin cancer. i love sun bathing even though it's so not good for you.

anyways. enjoy the week. see ya soon :)

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