Thursday, August 18, 2005

fidgety didgety

i think i am suffering from cabin fever.

warning sign number one - cannot sit still must twitch something, preferably my right foot.

warning sign number two - cleaning my house like mad, like the show Clean Sweep mad. i'm throwing crap out, dusting, i'm even contemplating washing walls tommorrow. i frickin hate washing walls and once vowed that i would never, ever do so but upon noticing some heavy duty dust/dirt on my walls i think i just may go at them tommorrow........................

warning sign number three - my thumb is sore from channel surfing through daytime t.v. most days i watch regis and kelly then clean for a couple of hours and come back at 2pm to watch all my children and days of our lives (i flick back and forth between the two). sometimes i just watch much music although lately they are running a lot of re-runs, and other times i just randomly flick, back and forth and to and fro until i just can't take anymore and i return to my mad rampage of cleanliness

warning sign number four - i'm constantly hungry. even if i just ate something i'm hungry. thankfully i don't have much for food in the house as i'm all by my lonesome. but have i ever got the munchies.

warning sign number five - i shriek at my pets. i've turned into shreiky from the care bears. any little movement sets me off. it does not help that they do not listen to a word i say. hubby is numero uno in their eyes and like they are going to listen to the women who shreiks all the time.

warning sign number six - minimum amount of sleep. i'm up well past midnight every night and up at the crack of dawn. my eyes are burning out of my head and my head pounds/aches all the frickin time. i eat advil like they are candy and it still aches and pounds. but i can't sleep as i have things to do, things to clean......


running out of energy

getting sleepy, must be close to midnight.

on the positive side of things (must think positively people!!)

i have found another job and start back in the work world on monday, which makes me terribly nervous as i've grown accustomed to taking naps in the afternoon, watching soaps, munching on food throughout the day and just plain being lazy. but it's a job yippy skippy and i think that it will be great and all but at the same time i'm kinda sad.

good bye late late nights of mindless tv
farewell afternoon naps
so long mindless frantic cleaning
i'll be seeing you my dear friend, sour cream and onion ruffle chips i'll miss you promise to write and keep in touch
au-revoir shrieky, i'm sure i see you again soon................................


Kleokatra said...

I've been there, cabin fever sucks. It sometimes gets to the point where you have cleaned everything, and watched so much tv and have not spoken to anyone in so long where you really enjoy the random telemarketer. Be glad that you have not gotten to that point.
Has your cat finally stopped pooping everywhere? Congrats on the new job, I hope it is a good fit for you. Take care!

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flea said...

Kleo - thanks, the job is so far so good. i think it will be good (at least for now) and no my cat is still not using the litter box, it did for like a day and then it started crapping right beside the box. getting frustrated and not sure what else to try.

i see that the "blogger telemarketer" has been here again. go away, for the love of god, go away

Kleokatra said...

I am starting to feel like the blogger telemarketer is following me. Every where I go- there he is. And you know that it is a he because only men are that irritating. : )
I am glad that the job is going well. Have you tried using new litter for the cat? I have a cat that is really really picky, and she has to have the crystals that are cleaned every day and replaced once a week. Also when the cat uses the litterbox try rewarding it with treats or milk or tuna. Someting that it does not get all the time. If that still doesn't work, I am at a loss and feel for you whole heartedly. Good luck!!! ~Kleo

flea said...

kleo- many pps have told me about trying new litter yet i have failed to go and try it. will have to see how that works but i think that she just plain hates the box & the feel of the litter. i dunno. will see