Saturday, August 13, 2005

me and my PJ's

so it's saturday, usually my happiest day of the week. the sun is shining out there and all i want to do is stay curled up in my bed in my pj's.

yeah i'm lazy, so what?
yeah, mabye i'm a little bummed out and depressed, but so what?
so i have no energy, no motovatation, nadda, to to anything, so what?
so i haven't showered in a couple of days, whop-iddy-do!
so what if i haven't swept the floor or done laundray in a couple of days,
so what if my house is a mess,
the dogs need walked,
i need to lose 10 pounds,
stop chewing my nails,
comb my hair & brush my teeth,

it all really doesn't matter today cause today is PJ day!

that's right i declare today PJ day and i'm leaving my pj's on until i feel like it (mabye not at all, who CARES!!!) but more than likely we will be going out later (at least i hope so) to hang with friends and get shit faced (which i sooooo could use).

so here i sit in my bright pink new pj's that i just bought yesterday. trying not to feel sorry for myself as i could probably be much worse off, but yet i still feel like crap. i'm worrying about bills, finding a good job and all that jazz. can i ever just relax a little. i think not.


in the meantime i think i'll just enjoy PJ day, cause everyone deserves one every now and then.

don't they????

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