Sunday, July 24, 2005


i'm 24 years old (soon to be 25 in 3 weeks) and last night i did my first shot of Tequila. not the creames like baha rosa or whatever but the actual tequila where you lick the salt, take the shot and eat the lemon ~ shudders~

i always wanted to but was kinda scared and intimated as everyone always says how horrible it is and well quite frankly it tastes like dirty ass/dirty feet but the feeling of acomplishment and the rush of warmth to your stomache is just such a rush! anyways i just had to blog about it as it's a 1st time for something and i want to remember it & it was just funny the way it happend as jill had done one at the B&G and I said that i had never done one and Greg the owner of the bar was like really? and i was like yeah and he just couldn't belive it and so then everyone was like oh you have to try it and peer pressure and all and finally he was like i'll give it to you on the house. i think he just wanted to see me puke but anyways i did it and i didn't puke!! ha ha! yeah, that's my story. pretty lame. oh weel had to blog about something.

nobody is blogging lately. where the hell did everyone go? summer. that's where. everyone is outside, vacationing, at the lake, where ever and really i can't blame them. the summer is already half over & then some and the warm weather will probably only be here for mabye another month (cross our fingers) so get out there and enjoy it! but can't you blog at least once and awhile................geesh!

so i'm getting a little better about the whole cat thing. the first few days were really bad and i thought i kept seeing him everywhere. v. hard and difficult to deal with and it didn't help to see my other cat missing him to. it's still pretty raw and it hurts to think that i won't see him or hear his meow again but it's getting better. life moves on. the bitter endless cycle of life.

i get a break though this week as i asked for friday off as we new brunwickers have "new brunswick day" on August 1st hence a provincial holiday. so long weekend! yippe! hubby and i are planning to go to the island (prince edward island) to go camping and lounge on the beach for 4 days. cannot wait as we have not been there in four years. so anxious to hear the ocean & just relax and read good books on the beach. were going to be meeting up with jilly & "M" as they will be over there also. hoping the weather will be nice and sunny.

anyways i'm out for now :)

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