Thursday, November 24, 2005

from my brain to you

tidbits for the day

it's snowing again - have yet to put on winter "snow" tires as i have been procrastinating now for about a month mabye i'll get them on next week or possibly this weekend.....mabye

it's exactly 1 year ago today that my gram died. does not feel real or possible i'm still numb and in denial cannot believe that it has been a year ago

it's extremely boring and quiet here today in all there is about 5 people here in the office today when there is normally like 20 + mind u i'm not complaining really just makes it a really, really long day

need to start exercising pronto but cannot muster up the energy where is my personal trainer when i need him (god i wish i had one.....santa can u here me????) mabye i will start this next week too....

i've been called in to go for testing for another gov't job only it's temporary and i dunno what to do as i've been there done that and i finally have full time job but this other job is more money....what to do what to do think i will turn it down what do u think??

it's turkey day in the US ~ gobble gobble ~ wish i had 4 days off :(

it's offical Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey are kaput, who didn't see this one coming a mile away but it's still kinda sad though isn't it i mean it seemed like they were happy & in love once. just goes to show you that marriage is hard no matter who you are and you can drift apart. i am sure the press will have a field day withvthis one

i dunno what to do with myself this afternoon i'm tired of surfing the net & i'm all caught up on the latest gossip mabye i should find a cool game to play online

i'm debating on changing my screen name as i find ~h~ a little boring but yet i kinda like it as that's my first inital but i'm thinking of either A)hollerback girl (as i love gwen stefani) B)flea (which is my nickname) what do ya think???

does anyone else find or feel that lost is a little slower than usual i mean it's still really good but i dunno i need more action, where are the others & the weird spooky thing in the jungle, where's walt people!! enough back stories already!!

man i'm bored gues it's time to move onto something else



Wandering Coyote said...

You have nothing to lose by going for the other job. No one says you have to take it. That's just my 2 cents.

~h~ is a little hard to type, with the tildes on either end...

Aila said...

I kinda like Flea. It's cute. Makes me think of "the tick" have you ever seen that show?

To add my two cents, temp jobs are great if there is more money, but if your happy where you are and can get by and know that it's forever, your best to stay where you are. It's all great making the big bucks, but what happens when the contract ends?

flea said...

thanks for the advice guys after much consideration i decided to turn the temp position down & stick it out where I am the people here are super nice & easy to get along with and the owner of the company is just amazing. who knows mabye i'll be able to move up within the company in a year or least i hope so

Blondie said...

I like Flea. It's cute.

I'm sad that Jessica and Nick split, too. Marriage is so hard. I don't think I ever want to get married! :)

flea said...

blondie - yup it's tough sometimes i wonder what the heck i got into (espically marrying so young!)

it's a constant give & take and it's a lot more work than pps often think you really have to work at it and sometimes (most often) i just doesn't pan out......rather depressing but look at the stats

just hope that mine lasts god knows there are days that i really can't stand my hubby but i luv him and can't imagine him not in my life

so it's offical i think i will try out the name flea...... for awhile anyways!