Monday, November 21, 2005


huh. whuz it......wuz........what??

what's going


i'm blogging

huh, how did i get here.........

i'm soooooo TIRED! or i should say BORED outta my mind! that or i left my brain at home this morning. i am NUMB to everything today and feel like doing NOTHING.

~sigh ~

i've been like this since friday and i can't seem to snap out of it. i shouldn't be tired. i had a nice quiet weekend, lot's of sleep did much of nothing almost went crazy in fact with boredom as hubby was away.

but all i want to do today is close my eyes and shut out the world.......zzzzz....... then the dang phone here at work snaps me back to reality ~zap~ yeah, yeah i here you....i'm awake (but i'm really not). just seem to be going thru the motions today. i need caffeine and lot's of it sadly i don't drink coffee nor a lot of pop (soda to you yankees).

so on the positive side of things i must tell myself that:

i have only 2 more hours of monday to go (work hours that is)
after today i only have 4 more days of work
there are only 9 more days of hell month (aka november)
i'm taking a day off somewhere in the next 2 wks to do my x-mas shopping

so really it's not all that bad now is it?

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Blondie said...

Maybe we should learn how to sleep sitting up in the chair. I could have used a nap today too!!