Monday, November 07, 2005

weekender report

agenda: sleep, more sleep, mabye a little drink or two and more sleep

events/play by play:

saturday, ahhh blissful, peaceful saturday oh how i love thee. spent the entire day in bed unable to move or summon any energy to do anything. battled yet another headache blaming this on why i was so damned tired.

saturday evening: after sleeping away the day i now have tons and tons of energy and i must get out and do something, anything. so we have a little bonfire in the back yard (it was FREEZING) but i enjoyed it as it was the last one of the year :(

jilly & "m" came out had a few drinks and then we are off to the bar! yippee

only apon arriving at the bar there is is nobody in sight :( but i will not let this deter me oh no i'm on a mission to a) get drunk & b) have a good time and most of all c)dance and shake my ass like it's never been shook before! priority number 1 is to get some drinks into me. do a couple of shooters to get er started then i proceed to my drink of choice rum & coke. a few more pps arrive, drink a few more drinks and then the bartender pulls out some jello shooters.......i'm drooling at this point. love jello shooters espically the cherry ones. anyways, they are FREE that's right free! as they were left over from last weekend's halloween bash. let me tell you we tore through those shooters like a pack of hyeana's. the rest of the night is a blur so it had to be a good time and i crashed and burned at like 2:30 so of course all day sunday i was good for nothing. did absolutely dick all. could not get out of bed, head hurtz like heck, think i pulled a leg muscle yeah i had a super weekend!

how bout you?

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Wandering Coyote said...

Today is my Saturday. I cleaned. I will drink by myself a little later. The bar here is a dive and I'm not into going alone.