Friday, November 04, 2005

ready to catch some "z's"

man i can hardly keep my head up let alone having my eyes be open. it's so utterly quiet and dead here at work today i'm ready to curl up and pull a quckie nap to catch some "z's".

i'm sure nobody would notice (although the eye in the sky would) but what's a 15 minute nap?

why are fridays the day that everyone who has a "title" gets to take off and be out somewhere important rather than here at the office? leaving us poor goats to hold down the fort and try to stay lively. if i was rich and had my own company i would just send pps the hell home instead of paying them to sit on there ass and do nothing. mind you i shouldn't be complaining as all i've done all day is surf the net but i'm BORED and i wanna go home already! like it's almost painful to be here it's that quiet i just want to scream so there is actual noise in the building. even my radio isn't good company. sigh.

on the positive note though it is friday,

it is pay week

tommorrow is saturday and i'm hoping to tie on a good one tommorow nite with jilly and shake our "humps" (lol) at the B&G

i can sleep in tommorrow and do nothing all day should i choose to do so

~happy friday~

i'm out


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Wandering Coyote said...

Hope you're having a good weekend!