Tuesday, November 08, 2005

a trip down memory lane

from a previous post (nov 1 i think) i breifly touched on the surface about a friend of mine that passed away in a car accident. it will be 4 years tommorrow morning since her accident and thursday (nov 10) is the actual day that she passed on but i always consider the 9th d-day as i like to call it as that was to me the day she died. i hate that word and i hate writting that word. but the fact is she's gone from her family, her fiance, her friends, her life.

i often wonder what she would be like today, where she would be, what she would look like, would we even still be friends as friends often drift apart and go there separate ways. so today i'm taking a trip down the ole memory lane to remember Lisa Marie Nicole Sharpe aka weezey or weeze (why we called her this is beyond me now but it stuck)

my first ever time meeting lisa (she wen't to Woodstock even though she lived closer to Meductic/Canterbury) and she was best friends with a girl in my class (whom i'll call MJ) and they were at a basketball game at good ole CHS when i was probably in grade 6. i instantly disliked her as she was "going" with a guy that i partially liked myself and i was so jealous and wanted nothing to do with her what-so-ever.

the years go by and i often here stories of lisa from MJ, still somewhat disliking her from my first inital meeting with her and eventually i kinda forget about her until she starts dating craig (the local hottie) in grade 11 or 12. she would come to the dances, local parties whatever and i was still terribly jealous of her after all these years as she was a very pretty girl & she was nailing CHS's finest. and she could dance. i've never mentioned before or perhaps i have but i LOVE to dance and i'm going to toot my own horn here but i'm good at least pps tell me so (but i really couldn't care as i just love to dance). if only i could have taken those dance classes i could have been that much better....but that's a story for another day.......

where was i...oh yeah dancing. she could move and i would watch her at the dances try to do one better than her and we would sort of be competing ya know (like a dance off almost). this is really all i can think of for memories in high school. i didn't know her then just knew of her and knew that i would have loved to be her or at least in her shoes for a day or mabye two!

a year later in the fab year of 1998/1999 we bumped into each other again, only this time we became friends. the reason. well we met a few "older" guys who liked to party, supply the beer & weed and "the circle" was instantly formed. a group of 4 guys and 5 girls became un-seperable. we did everything together that summer before we all kinda paried off into "couples". we partied all that time didn't matter if it was monday, thursday whatever. you just walked down the street and the boys would be driving around and tell us to "bail in er" and off we wen't. camping trips, a rock concert, we did it all that summer. life was sweet then. didn't have to worry about car payments, mortgage payments all we cared about was having enough $$ to buy some boone's wine or beers. work was a joke we, all worked in retail us girls anyways so we didn't give a rat's ass bout anything.

when i think back on this summer all i can recall is hot sunny weather, cold beer, camping trips (mostly at North Lake), the smell of weed, baseball tornaments (my one and only), get together's at "the damn" in forest city, sunburns, traveling the back roads and getting stuck more than once. those were the days.

i may not have been as close to her as jilly or marsha but she was a friend, after all these years of me spiting her and being jealous of her she was one of my best friends. funny how things work out.

the thing that her and i had in common the most was our love for the happy weed. we couldn't get it enough. my most vivid memory of her and i (i believe sandy was there too, another member of the circle....) at a party in Woodstock, why i was at a party in woodstock is beyond me but there we were at this stupid lame ass party with a bunch of sandy's friends from high school. lisa and i look at each other and just "know" what the other is thinking and lisa's like i have to run out and get something heather do you want to come with me.....and we are off. as soon as she's in the car she's like i have a friend that can hook us up and we go to the shadiest place i've ever been but it's worth it. we head back over to the lame ass party, sit outside and smoke em back to back. i have never been so messed up ever and i can just close my eyes and remember the feeling that i had that night and i can hear lisa's laugh and how on the drive home (god i don't know how she drove...) we were listening to Our Lady Peace's CD that has clumsy, and superman's dead it's an awsome CD and lisa kept hitting replay on clumsy. over and over again and she was driving sooooo slow and laughing that she felt like she was going 100 mph. that was a wild nite.

funny how when you get thinking how the memories all come back. i know i don't often think of her as much as i used to but it still hits me every now and then. espically when i see her mom, or something that reminds me of her. i remember right after the accident how i would see her everywhere, pps that resembled her in the least quite often it was long brown hair or just the style of someone's clothes as she was always dressed so stylish & to the nine's.

i miss her and i'm sure i'll think of more memories to post this week as usally from the 8-11th she's bout the only thing on my mind.


Blondie said...

Wow, that is very sad. I'm sorry that you lost your friend.

flea said...

thanks blondie, it's actually helps to write about it & get it off my chest/mind. i don't think i ever really greived properly for her and i think i've finally come to terms with it. only took me 4 years but i'm getting there.