Tuesday, November 22, 2005

sweet & sour

Sweet - I actually posted a quiz can u believe it?? cause i can't

Sour - weather is shitty has not stopped raining all day and not just a lite rain oh no this stuff is pouring i am dreading driving home. hate. hate driving in the rain (lisa hydroplaned see previous post rewind) am down right terrified to drive home espically in the dark

Sweet - i get next Tuesday off to go shopping

Sour - will have no MONEY pay day not til thursday guess i'll have to use the charge card which just depresses me even more.........

Sweet - only half an hour to go

Sour - driving home in the dark ucky rainy night. UCK!!

Sweet - new episodes of Supernatural, Bones and Threshold on tonight

happy tuesday pps! :)

~i'm out~

1 comment:

Aila said...

The rain sucks, snow's way better. you can at least have snow ball fights and build snowmen and ski. Drive carefully, wanna make sure I can keep reading your blog.