Wednesday, October 05, 2005

bits and bites

so excited and happy as i finally can get my mop (aka my hair) cut and highlighted. i'm in desperate need of a cut as my hair has been flat, wild and driving me nuts now for weeks so i'm stoked to get a new "do" plus i just love chatting it up with jackie (the best hairdresser EVER!)

looks like i may not be going to the big city again as mom and dad are now in the talks of going out to Kingston to visit my sister over the long weekend. so another shopping trip postponed yet again hopefully i will get there before the end of the month. sigh.

day number three of the diet is going well eating in today just wish i hadn't forgot my book at home so i'm not sure what i will do for 1 hr and i can't really leave early as my hair appt is not until 5:45 not even sure what i will do to kill that 30 min.....just hope i'm not tempted to eat out that's the challenge

ok is anyone else watching Supernatural on the WB (or ASN for us Atlantic Canadians) ???? if not u have to watch this show not only is it a really good show but the lead guy Jensen Ackles (formerlly lana's b-friend from Smallville and years ago he was on DOOL) is a super hottie. like drool worthy hot. omg he's so fine you cannot take your eyes off of him the entire time yum and he was in boxer shorts last night omg!!!! ladies you have to check out this show, trust me

can't wait for lost tonight hope it's a good episode which i'm sure it will be

is it just me or does this season of amazing race look really dumb, the whole family thing?? i haven't tuned in once just not interested plus it can't compair to rob & amber love those two!!

isn't this weather fantastic!! so awsome and can't beleive it's this warm although it probaly won't last long i'm lovin every minute of it while it lasts

so i think they are going to give me more stuff to do at work which is great and i'm glad and all but yet at the same time part of me is i take that back i'd rather be busy any day than bored and staring at walls.................

two more days til a long weekend. yippee!!!

what's not to be happy about??


Aila said...

I agree...Amazing race sucks with the families...I like watcing the couples argue. Lost was great last night !! Love it!

Good luck with the hair, you should post a before and after.

Blondie said...

I wish it was the weekend already!