Friday, October 07, 2005

cakes and pies!!

in case you haven't read my last few posts it's a holiday weekend for us canucks.

yup it's thanksgiving which means lot's and lot's of food but more importantly turkey, mashed potatoes, cakes and pies and whatever else you can stuff yourself with while giving "thanks" to life, god? whatever, all i care about is the food and not having to work on monday ~yippee~.

which also means that i so do not feel like working today and i just want the day over with. and even worse i have to get groceries after work which i'm sure will be extremely painful as everyone is out and about doing last minute shopping so the lines will be crazy i'm sure. so not looking forward to it.

also this is my first thanksgiving that my fam dam is away it's just me and hubby as my mom and dad are visiting my sister so that's kinda weird in a way as i'm going to miss my mom's cooking. but i still get to eat at the in-law's on sunday so i'm sure i'll have some stories as it's usually quite painful yet amuzing at the same time as they are so different from my family.

so this weekend should be a good one despite the fact that it's going to rain and be cold

i'm hoping to

eat some turkey and have at least 1 piece of someone's apple pie (never as good as mom's but i still love apple pie...)
sleep like i've never slept before
get drunk and party hardy with jilly bean as she is home for the long weekend
finish reading the clan of the cave bear series (still have 2 books to go) so lot's of reading to do!
sleep a little more
and just relax and mabye drink a little more.......

take care all



Kleokatra said...

Have fun!! I love Thanksgiving. Turkey, mashed potatoes, Pie, yummy yummie yum. : ) I love turkey day. It is the only day that you can stuff yourself witout feeling really bad. It is all good food, usually good times, and just yummy. It's wierd to me that you have your turkey day now, and we have ours at the end of November. I had always thought it was a universal holiday. learn somethin new. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

flea said...

yeah it's weird, not sure why ours is in October probably due to all the harvesting this time of year i can't imagine having it in november