Monday, October 24, 2005

bowling, turkey and more rain

that about sums up my weekend! ha ha

so on saturday hubby and i wen't bowling with jilly & "m". pretty good time we laughed a lot espically when i almost went face first down the alley way. yeah that was fun....! and man do i ever suck like gutter ball everytime. sad. but it was good times much better than sitting at home feeling sorry for myself. so now my ass hurtz! like really i'm still sore from sat nite. how sad is that. i'm so out of shape. :(

what's next....oh yeah turkey!

where mom & dad were away for thanksgiving they decided to have turkey and all that good stuff yesterday. yum :) that made me happy & everyone got together that mattered which was nice. afterwords we all had a mini makeover party doing nails and jilly plucked my man brows for me and they look so much better! thanks jilly :) i just can't seem to do them myself so it's nice to hae someone do them for you.

and last but not least rain. oh the rain. will you ever go away? now we are supposed to get heavy rain from hurricane wilma tommorrow night. nice. i don't think the ground could be any more saturated. yuck. how i hate rain. i don't mind if it rains a little but gish this is crazy, i think it's going to rain all week. uck!

hope everyone else is having a peachy monday

dreadful pissy ass monday how i hate thee

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Blondie said...

Maybe if it rains too much, you can get out of work!!