Thursday, October 06, 2005

not so into

so i'm not so into techonology, i mean i am but not overly so. i don't know how to take photo's from my digital camera and put them onto a computer, i don't know how to download music, i wouldn't even know how to run an mp3 player, i don't know how to make my blog all fancy dancey with links, pics and all that fun stuff i would like to learn but quite honestly i don't have the patience and my computer at home sucks the big one so sorry there won't be any pics on my blog page :(

not so into rap music, i am when they have a catchy little chorus or a wicked beat and a more pop sound but the hardcore rap nope not my thing

not so into slim fitted tappered pants i have heard rumours that these are back in style and i hope to god it's not true. say it aint so!!!

not so into jennifer love hewitts new show such a rip off of medium not even funny plus i just hate her so do not watch this show is you want to watch a good show with ghosts and psycic powers watch medium on NBC

not so into doing math in my head. i've always sucked at doing math and hated it throughout my school years and i hate it when pps put me on the spot. thank god for calculators is all i have to say

not so into bon jovi's new song i know i've dissed it already but gish can't you old 80's bands go away already

not so into tom cruise and katie holmes this is such a scam and now they are pregnant! ha, what an ass. he has diminshed rapidly in my eyes since this whole tomkat began and then the whole comment thing about broke sheilds and scientology and aliens, what an ass, why do we still watch still watch his movies we should be boycotting so he can go away already

so not into working today. blah wanna go home and wish it was friday

1 more day til the weekend


Anonymous said...

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Aila said...

it may not seem fair that I get to leave early, but I put up with alot of crap from alot of overinflated military egos on a daily basis. Most of the stuff they get away with would not wash in the private sector.

Hope you have a fantastic turkey weekend as well.