Wednesday, October 12, 2005

i'm ill

ohhhh so sick

miserable bloody cold this is the first cold that i've had in about a year and a half so i'm down for the count.

can't stop sneezing and blowing my nose even though i'm starting to resemble rudolph and it's beginning to hurt. i'm sitting here yet i am in a fog so not with the program and i know i won't get any work accomplished today.

eyes are watering and my head is pounding so don't wanna be at work but i missed yesterday as i was worse off than today.

lips are chapped all to pieces as i was running a fever yesterday could not move out of bed or out of the fetal position. thought i was going to die.

wanna go home :(

only 6 1/2 hours to go

mabye i'll work thru lunch to leave early


Blondie said...

I hate being sick! Hang in there, and during these times, Dayquil is your best friend!

flea said...

thanks blondie i have yet to venture to the drug store. will definetely stock up on dayquill fer sure! :)

Kleokatra said...

Being that I am like in a constant state of sickness, sudafed, and Tylenol Sinus works like a dream. There is a new Tylenol Sinus that tastes like mints, instead of the death flavor of dayquil. Dayquil and nyquil are really good too, I just prefer the Tylenol. Also, the Kleenex antimicrobial are awesome. They are soft, and help to destroy the bacteria so you don't get sicker and don't make everyone around you sick too. Love them. I hope you feel better. This is the worst season for me too (I have allergies) and am always sick, kinda sucks.

Aila said...

Feel better soon...I'll be sad if there is no blog to read.