Friday, October 28, 2005

Ghost Stories

now i myself haven't really had or seen an actual ghost but in the sprit of Halloween i thought i would share a few from some loved ones (and mabye one of my own that may or may not qualify)

Story #1

comes from my mom who is a RN (registered nurse). she was working at an old folks home which has reportably had several ghostly encounters. on the night in question (it's always the night shifts..) she was doing her rounds on her wing (i believe the "C" wing which used to be the morgue many moons ago...) and while walking down the hallway she encountered extremely cold air and felt like she was be watched/followed. continuing on her way she then heard what she describes and slippers shuffling along the hallway. CREEPY. now this was her wurst experience but i should also tell the story of how the nursing home has this old room that used to be a residents room but has since been turned into a storage room and locked at all times but somehow the light from inside the locked "storage room" would always come on. another story from this spooky old folks home is that a women actually felt something cold & hard (like a hand) grab her shoulder! i would so not be working at this place!!

Story #2

my hubby had a dream the other night. as i have mentioned before hubby is an avid hunter and in our area it's deer season. he lives and breathes for deer season and ever since we have been together (six years totaly 2 married..) he hasn't shot or gotten a deer. i like to think i jynxed him but alas the spell has been broken as the other night he came home stated that he had shot at a deer but it took off and he wasn't sure if he had "hit" it or not. i was hoping that the poor bastard got away but sadly the next day he found it and now we have a supply of deer meat which i will not eat. anyways the creepy/strange side of this story is this. on the night that he shot the deer thinking it got away he had a dream and in the dream he was with his grandfather (who passed away over a year and a half ago of lung cancer). my hubby inherited one of his guns and in the dream he asked him if he had gotten anything with his gun yet. and in response hubby replied that he had hit a deer but it ran away and mabye he would get one next time. his grandfather then replied that the deer was in the hardwoods and to look there. after expressing this my hubby woke up remembering that the deer had run towards the hardwood and sure enough where do you think he found it the next day.......IN THE HARDWOOD. i got goose bumps so bad when he told me this. isn't this weird i totally think they communicate through dreams somehow.

Story #3

involves me. i don't really know if it was anything or just my over active imagination but it was extremely odd and unusual at the time. we were living in a huge old house about 50 years old. i loved this house and wish we could have bought it but that's a story for another day. anyways at one point in time this house was used as a nursing home! yup another one! and people had died in the home. now i don't remember this part but apparantly hubby told me after i woke up screaming at the top of my lungs and yelling "GET AWAY FROM ME" and acting like i was "pushing" something off of me and yelling directly at something or someone standing over me. about a week or so later i wake up in the morning and go downstairs to my morning dose of breakfast. i always watch t.v. while i eat and going into the living room i notice that our fireplace (yes it had a huge brick fireplace! which was awsome!) glass doors on the front are WIDE open. hmmmm that's interesting i holler up to hubby and ask why the doors are open on the fireplace thinking that mabye he had cleaned it out or something why else would they be open i never did.....he replies wtf are you talking about i never opened who did?????? not to mention i always felt like there was someone in the house even when i was alone, like i was being watched or something. needless to say we have moved since and no more spooky stuff.


Wandering Coyote said...

I live in a house built in 1926. The downstairs is office space and a lounge and I have the upstairs to myself. Everyone thinks it's haunted because previous tenants have heard footsteps. I have since reasoned that it isn't footsteps, it's the ancient radiators clanking.

At least that's what I tell myself.

Kleokatra said...

omg! those are really spooky stories. I see crap like this all the time. It drives me crazy. n/e ways, to add to your stories, I used to live in a really old house in Michigan, and it had a storage cabinet under the stairs. A few of my sisters friends, my sister, and I were sitting in it chatting, and out of no where I could invision two smelly dogs in there with us. I got goose bumps and they kept staring at me. No one else saw them, and about 3 weeks of living there a couple of old ladies stoped by because they used to live in that house. They told us that when they would leave they would lock their two dogs in the closet under the stairs. My room was also the coldest in the house, and my cats wouldn't step foot into my closet. I would occasionally hear someone crying out, and breating next to me at night, and found out later that the roof caved in on the gal's brother- and his bed was in the exact same position as mine. creapy. Oooh,and one last really creapy thing and I will leave you in peace. : ) About 5 or 6 months ago, I swerved to miss this girl that was walking across the street and almost hit someone else that was driving, only to look back and see nothing. And when I got home, she was there walking up to my neighbor's doorway, only when I blinked she dissapeared. wiered. Happy Halloween!!!!

flea said...

wc - i try to brush things off like this as well but you can't help but wonder sometimes if it's something else or more......

kleo - that is so freaky! it's espically weird that the 2 dogs were locked in there....

sometimes i wonder if we are all a little psychic in our own ways. thanks for sharing the stories though!