Tuesday, October 04, 2005

lean, mean, fighting machine

this is what i hope no better yet determined to become.

i want abs of steel and a firm tight ass not thunder thighs and a budda belly (which is what i have now). yup it's day two of my actual diet and gasp!! i actually walked the dogs last night omg i'm so impressed with myself and i hope i can keep this momentum going and work out if not every night than every other.

some rules that i must follow if i am to suceed:

drink lot's and lot's of water to the point that i can't take anymore. doing well so far i have my little bottle of water that i can't help but stare at all day at work and i'm trying to get 4 of these in a work day (not including what i would drink at home) and have only achieved 3 thus far hoping to get to 4 though

no eating out mabye once every two weeks if that. so far so good this week........

no eating after 7pm (did this all last week and feel so much better in the mornings huge difference!)

exercise get moving anything. just need to be active.

so yeah i'm in diet mode and i hope to god it works and i see a difference soon

going shopping with my mom this weekend hoping to get an outfit or two and some halloween decorations and stuff so lot's of $$ will be spent. can't wait.

on a downer note think i'm getting a bug or something or it could just plain be mentrual cramps but i'm draggy and slow today and hurt everywhere and my throat is somewhat sore. so hope i'm not getting sick as i haven't been sick in like a year or more.

anyways that's it, happy tuesday!!

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Kleokatra said...

Start taking vitamins. I found these one-a-day women's stuff, and they seem to be working for me. I have a really hard time with suppliments. I can't take herbs, I am allergic to them, and lots of vitamins make me ill, but these ones are good. Helps to make you not so sick. Good job on the diet!!! I have a few more days before I am willing to give up the cookies, but I will be right back on the waggon with you! : ) Try to make sure you stick to portion sizes- think a deck of cards for most things. Good Luck!!