Thursday, February 17, 2005

10 things i've done today

1.) woke up this am and giggled and tee heed silently to self as I have a four day weekend to do NOTHING

2.)pretty much dressed myself in the dark this morning and i'm wearing the same pants I did too days ago with peanut butter on the pant leg

3.)wen't to start car this morning as it was covered in a a sheet of ice/snow and I had a hard time opening the car door as it was frozen shut, ended up scraping my poor sore pinky (yes it's still hurts and is taking forever to heal....) and got the stupid thing bleeding again

4.)had a Dr. appt this am had to have a lovely PAP done, fun fun, turns out I am having problems yet again with a lot of pain/discomfort with my overies (i praticly jumped off the table when she did an internal exam as it really HURT) and she wants me to have another ultra sound ~ yipee~ NOT, i'm sure they won't find anything just like any other time i've had them done i've been around this block a time or to already and i'm not looking forward to yet another dead end

5.)applied for a job today that i'm sooooo not qualified for but thought hey why not try it anyways i'm sure i'll be receiving a nasty rejection letter in the mail early next week

6.)picked my nose today in the bathroom and nicked it a little to hard with my nail and got the damn thing bleeding

7.) was so ticked off at my finger nail that I chewed the bastard off ~ he he take that you nuck and fuck

8.)think that I look really cute and hot today as my hair is lookin pretty fine and I went funky this morning and put on really cool green eye shadow. Course this could just be all in my head and pps are probably secretly making fun of me behind my back, but I don't frickin care today, nothing can ruin my mood today (*note it's now 3:00 in the afternoon and I look like a $3 whore, make up has all rubbed off and not looking so great now)

9.)told an MK representative to basically fuck off, stupid mofo's piss me off ~ grrrrr I don't want or need $400 dollars worth of product back off bitch!!! Mabye it's just that I don't understand it all but she really just ticked me off just now, bitch!!

10.)I probably should have waited to do this at the end of the day as i've now run out of things to talk about ~ oh well have a great weekend all i'm out until next Tuesday suckers!!!!!!!!!


Jilly said...

Ok let me see if I got this right.. You first picked your nose, and then you chewed off the fingernail that was used to scrape the boogeys out of your nose? Nice. and Gross.

flea said...

he he thought that would get pps attention. No I actually didn't do that but I felt like typing it in there like I did do it. Just wanted to see what pps would I have a weird sense of humour better yet I am just overall weird