Wednesday, February 23, 2005

American Idol (AI) Predictions - Week One

Ok, I'll try this again, last time I lost it and i probably won't remember most of it ~ stupid internet! Anyways, I want to start doing this every week as it makes me feel high up in the world, just call me H.Foster Recording Marketing Executive extrondinair (another dream job of mine.....heh heh). Move over Simon! ha ha ha ha

Anways let's see if I remember what I typed last time.

The boys - my bottome 3 pics

Jared Yates - He Sang "How could I". Simon compaired him to a "boy" band reject and that about sums this guy up. Can't sing, painful to watch, no flare or personality at all. I had him on mute and it still hurt to watch. Pack your bags boy your goin home.

Scott Savol - Sang "You are my lady". This is a fat whiteboy who looks like he belongs as an extra on the t.v. show "the soprano's". I admit he can sing but he's so grose and creepy to look at that it just ruins it for me. The last thing we need out there is another Ruben Stoddard that starts sweating as soon as they open there mouth to sing. Nasty.

Joseph Murena - Sang "How am I supposed to Live without you". That should say enough really, who sings or wants to sing a Michael Bolton song. BORING and lame. Had him on mute to as he hurt my ears. This guy looks at least over 30 and I am sure he lied his age to get into the contest. The judges gave him encouraging words though and said he's better than that but i'm sure the voting public will think differently.

The Girls - Bottom 3 pics

Sarah Mather - She sang "Get Ready". The judges were brutal on her song choice and I tend to agree. Just didn't work even though I tried to give her a chance. I couldn't remeber her from the audtions stages and i'm thankful that I haven't seen more. She reminds me a lot of a girl that lives close to where I do and is actually dating my hubby's cousin, snagle tooth and all, even the hair (when she had it longer) was the same. WEIRD. Everyone has a twin out there I guess but she has no chance in hell of movin on

Amanda Avila - Sang "How am I supposed to live....." another Michael Bolton song. HELLO pps if you saw a guy sing the same song the night before and totally blow goats don't sing that song too. WRONG wrong wrong.I think that's what she sang and it's what they had posted on the net, course I could be wrong and I can't really remember, I just know it sucked ass. Pretty girl (hubby liked her), she can sing but she's just missin that somethin. Don't think she will get that far and I kinda liked her early on but not so much anymore. Sorry but I think your on your way out

Janay Castine - Sang "I wanna love you forever" Overall the judges were quite nice to her and said that she can be good but her performances last night didn't show it. The girl looked absoltely terrified and she was so shaky and spazzie that I thought she was having a seizure. Vocals were all over and she looked like a deer caught in the headlights. She may be ok, but based on last nights performance she better have a strong fan/family base and she better snap around next week or she won't last long.

so those are my pics and hopefully this will work this time....beter save it first.....done now let's see if I can post it this time............

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Jilly said...

That is so funny because Mom and I totally thought that that was her twin, except fatter! Who knew that there could be 2 girls that fugly out there?