Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The different levels of society

I've run into a few people in the last few days and i've been thinking there should be some sort of chart or graph for people to determine what leveal a person belongs in and whether or not to "avoid" them at all costs. A few that I have run into within the last 4-5 days are:

Dirrty pps - not Christina Agueleria (soo not right but who the hell cares) dirrty, but I mean actual dirt is on there body. These are the lowest of the low and are on the bottom of my chart. I don't mean to stereotype, but generally they are on welfare, un-employed and they seriousily smell nasty. Most times they are angry at the world, they are extremely negative and I hate dealing with them. Not all are like this but most are.

Nobody home in the brain dept pps - these people may look like the above or even worse like a "normal" person, but as soon as they speak you know that they aren't all there in the head. They have this constant stupid expression on their face and you just want to shake them.

Slimy pps - most of the time for me these are generally males, I haven't come across to many women who are slimy - mabye once or twice but I can't really recall it.....anyways back to my description. These men as soon as they walk into a room ooze loudness (tight pants, leather jackets, big gaudy jewlery - rings, watches, necklaces, etc). These men always, always have some sort of sexual comment to make to me and they totally creep me out. I mean I know that i'm cute but do you really need to make me THAT uncomfortable. Once I am done dealing with them I feel like I need to have a shower, this is how slimy and creepy they are ~shudders~

Country Bumpkins - We have a lot of these in my neck of the woods. These are big bellied men who love to hunt, wear camo all year round, beer guzzling, loud mouthin people. Genereally they are nice to deal with but don't piss them off, don't get them talking about hunting and definetely don't tell them a redneck joke as they totally wouldn't get it as that's there life.

totally off the wall - These people are so wacked out on whatever pill mental health has them on that they hardly know who they are let alone that they are on planet earth. I have this one women who is totally wild looking, hair all over and she constantly speaks in this high pitched, shrill voice, I can hear you lady pls tone it down........they never listen and they are always, ALWAYS in the right no matter what you may say or prove differently. They belong in straight jackets in an asulym somewhere's not on the street.

Friendly and nice pps like me - Were kinda caught in the middle most days and we always clump together (there's only 4 of us here in my office, and were all very similar in personalities), were easy going, friendly, nice, always there to help out and lend a hand, but we do have our days when we've had enough and our other side comes out, but over all were happy going, fun loving people

Seniors - some seniors get put further up as they fit in better with those descrptions but I do have the rare senior client that could be my grandma or grandpa. They just have that air about them, they are always friendly, they always talk about their family and sometimes I even notice that they have a grandpa smell on them, whether it be a pipe, cigar or just aftershave. It makes me really miss my grandfather, but at the same time it's like these people are here to remind us of them - very weird

High horse pps - These are people who rightfully belong in middle class society, but yet they think that they are better than everyone else and they sneer down there noses at everyone else. They are very vain, selfish, snotty, stuck up people. They think they are so much better and that they have Wonderful happy lives. I hate these people and I hate dealing with them on a daily basis. They always look you up and down and evaluate you, I feel like saying sometime did I pass the grade today? There's this lady here in the office like this, always wearing fancy jewlery, nice clothes, etc thinks she's so special because she's been filling in for a higher up positon here in the office but really underneath all that cover up she's admin support just like the rest of us. I can't wait for the day that she gets knocked off of her horse, even though it will mean for me that i've lost my job, but it will be worth it to see her knocked down.

The "wealthy" and "rich" - Here in Woodstock we get a lot of "faker's like above but to actually determine who really does have money and whose just living in dept still isn't that hard to determine. You can just tell who comes from money as they ooze this certain higher quality about them, I can't quite say why or what exactly but you can just tell. Plus on most occasions they are dressed flawlessly, they drive BMW or another fancy high priced car, they have beautiful jewlery (not the gaudy, trassy stuff, real nice quality, make you go oooo and ahhhhh kinda jewelry). Most of our wealthy pps are doctors, lawyers and accounts your typcial well off pps even though to a certain degree doctors can be pretty cheap and stingy too.

Well i'm runnin out of steam here but I think I have most bases covered, if not oh well it's my thought for the day and i'm glad it's off my mind.

Today's just another typical Tuesday in the office only it's welfare week and we are very busy taking in money from our clients, so i've had lots of the above in so far and it's not even past noon yet when most of them come to and rise from their crypts, so this afternoon is surely to get much much worse. Wish me luck ~

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Ok I just had to come back and tell anyone who comes here to go to my cousin's (jilly's) site because it's just too funny, you see we wen't to CURVES and you all know how I crack up there....anyways just go to www.canigetyouamuffin.blogspot.com and read her version as I just can't tell it quite like her and I honestly still can't stop laughing about it, I have tears rolling down my cheeks right now just thinking of it. Check it out if you have a chance, you won't regret it


krazykaper said...

I think you forgot the brainy antisocialists. Those are the ones that are so smart that they've been studying thier entire life that have never looked up from a book. They have no idea how to talk to another human unless they are using the biggest words possible. Grr I hate those people!

flea said...

I totally agree with you, how could I forget them!?? Then there's also the brainy bookworm type that are smart on paper but in all actuality they aren't really that bright in person, perhaps even a flake....i have one of those here too who happens to have like 3 business degrees and she's so flighty and all over the place that she drives everyone nuts here, and everyone avoids her like the plague