Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Pro's and Con's of our new office

I have really been struggling here at work since our office move. I can't seem to get back into my daily happy routine that I had going on in our old office. And I often feel like I am the only one here struggling but I have been talking to a few of the other girls and they are having the same problem. I can't get my day to day tasks done let alone my "big" projects that I have to do every month. For example I receive these annual/monthly audit reports and i'm supposed to go and pull our file maintenance forms and pull all of the forms out from the previous month (last month was Jan) anyways I have been trying to do this all morning and I haven't gotten anywhere's. I can't stay focused on anything and it's very frustrating. No wonder my head hurts every night when I go home. I'm dreading getting our monthly arrears letters.....so won't be fun and so not looking forward to it, but hey whose to say I will be there then anyways found out this "am" from a co-worker (only cause I asked, as nobody ever tells me anything) that they are sending out a confirmation letter to a person to fill the vacant position, lovely that's 2 weeks and counting for me........but whose to say this person will even take the position.....sigh....I hate not knowing and it's killing me, slowly and surely it is I KNOW IT!!!!!

Anyhoo I figured I would compare the two offices in kinda a pro's and con's sceneario. So here goes.....

Pro ~ I have tons and tons of counter space more than I actually need and all of my stuff is spread out and i'm up and down out of my chair 50 million times a day

Con ~ My old desk was just right, mabye a little small but I had everything handy, and I didn't have to go far to get anything

Pro ~ The air quality and heating is way better here, in fact I haven't been as stuffed up as I used to be and my headaches haven't been quite as bad here.

Pro ~ I get to use really cool gadgets like a headset and I have this pass to get into pretty much anywhere's in this building. I feel like James Bond on most days........ The only downside to this is that my photo is on this thing and it's hideous, I mean seriousily what the hell was I thinking that day, I have no makeup on and my hair couldn't possibly be any flatter. I look so grose I often will turn it around backwords so that you can't see the pic

Con ~ My filing unit that used to be directly behind me in the other office is now way down the hallway and I am finding it impossible to get down there and do my day to day filing. I never really realized how much filing I do on a day to day basis until it all started piling up on me last week and there was a shit load of filing to do and I was freaking out, I mean really freaking out. It really bugs me when I have stuff pile up and I can't get around to doing it, but I finally got it done and i'm good for another few days. Things are just so different here it's hard to adjust, even on a good day.

Con ~ The damn phone will not STOP!!! It's just a constant annoying little bugger that will not quit. It will be quit for a few minutes and then BOOM it just hits and it starts going all over again. It's an endless cycle that really annoys me. Generally the girl who sits behind me is suppsed to get the phone but she's being pulled in so many directions her self by people from her department that she is often not out front here to get the phone so that leaves poor old me to handle the phone & incoming clients. When this happens I can do nothing but answer the phone and I can't handle doing this & my day to day workload. I'm burnt out and last week I was pretty much at wits end and ready to scream at someone

Pro ~ It is always, ALWAYS busy here, never a dull quiet moment, if there is it's hardly ever and it never lasts very long. The only good thing about this is that the days goes by super duper fast but by the time I get home i'm so burnt out my body can barely function.

Con ~ in the old office I looked forward to our quiet periods of the month, that was when I could get things caught up, files disbursed, surf the net, whatever it gave me a down time. I've been so wired lately I am beginning to think that clients think I am on speed or some sort of caffine high. I talk a mile a minute, I look frazzled - hair all over, nail's chewed off, etc - I often look like I have been run over by a freight truck.

Con ~ another con is that the "big wigs" are around a lot more often. Before I would hardly see them or at least I could see them coming. Now they sneek around and come up behind me without me knowing so not cool and I am contantly trying to kiss ass as I really want to stay here and keep my job - which probably won't happen anyways so it will all be for nothing.

Pro ~ Were right dab in the middle of downtown Woodstock, I can walk to most things and makes it a little easier as I don't have to go quite so far as I used to all though it's not much of a difference.

Con ~ the parking here sucks ass. My hrs are from 8:45 - 5:00 pm. By the time I get here in the morning I might as well park 2 blocks away as there are never any parking spaces and on very cold days this really bites the big one

well i'm tired now and don't feel like writing any more. Angela has twisted my arm and were going to go out for lunch (I basically do not want to go and exercise today so hey i'm game, even thought I can't really afford it....) So yeah, it's Tuesday it's a great day today, just stay positive Heather and eveything will be ok.


yeah right......as if that shit actually happens but it's worth a shot :0)

take care all ~ until we meet again i'm out

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TSC Andrew said...

Ummm sounds like alot of stuff going on...something I just thought I would add. You mentioned that they opened up something like two new positions...I hope that you apply for them or let them know you are interested, even it is something that you aren't interested in, just apply, always show them that you are willing to get into anything that pops up. And always remember it is very easy to find a job when you are working then when you aren't!!