Thursday, February 10, 2005

a little of everything

My mood today is a combination of everything, i'm not really happy, i'm not overly angry, i'm not really sad i just don't know today.

Another big HUGE mofo storm coming today (already starting to snow) and this time i'm sure it's going to hit us new brunswickers hard, were supposed to get anywhere's between 20-30 cm of hopefully tommorrow will be a snow day YIPPEEE but probably not ~ i can dream can't i????

Yesterday I worked very hard all day trying to sort and organize our dept's filing system so that's my excuse as to why i'm so damn tired and lazy today and I don't feel like doing jack shit

Hubby and I wen't to his grandmother's house last night to pick up his gun that was left to him only to come out with box after box of little trinkets and nick nacks. Also found out that we will probably get a wicker set of a loveset & chairs and table and will probably be able to get the deep freezer as well. Had several failed attempts to get one of the big comfy leather recliners though....dammit

got my one day of curves in yesterday don't think I will be back this week

my two fingers are very sore and swollen today and are looking like they are getting or going to be infected. V Red and are oozing, kinda cool actually

Hubby is all excited about the new Survivor that is coming on tonight and I couldn't give a rats ass. Chances are it will be a royal rumble tonight at my house as it's on at the same time as the OC and I never miss an episode of the OC and I will be soooo mad at him if we don't watch it. I am so sick of Survivor as it's all the same old crap and it's just not exciting any more, call it quits while your ahead Mark whatever your name is or better yet come up with something new and better

Can you belive that a chick from American Idol got thru to the next round and she talked herself out of the opportunity! Stupid, dumbass move chicky when if ever will you have another opportunity like this? Dumb move and i'm sure you are kicking yourself in the ass right now, i know I would be

Have been a lot of sick pps here at the office lately, every time I turn around someone else is sick or hacking and coughing. What I don't understand is why they insist on coming into work like this. What the hell are you trying to prove? Stay the fuck at home and don't spread you frigging germs, I don't want it and i'm sure nobody else does here too! This really ticks me off. Unless you don't get paid sick days (like me ~ he he) and you are in serious financial trouble and you desperately need the money stay home, rest get better and try again another day

it's really cold in here today BRRRRRRRRR

I really, really, really miss my sissy (aka my sister). She lives out in Western Canada and her and her army boyfriend Joel (pronouced JOEL kinda like Noel christmas time you know I can't put the funny astriks thingy over the e....god i'm dumb) are moving to Kingston, Ontario and I haven't heard from her in weeks and she never comes on here and i am seriousily missing her. I don't know how she is or what's new and it's just plain odd and weird. I don't know why she hasn't called and my feelings are kinda hurt ~sob~ he he only a little I just wish I knew how things are for her in a new city and all and I want her to call me dammit!

woke up in a fog again this morning, so did not want to get out of bed I didn't really come fully awake until about 15 minutes ago and it's only shortly after 11:00 in the morning.

Looked down and of course my socks don't match ~ typical for me but today my pants are really short and they ride up past the ankle (which I so hate but they were the only pants clean.....) and everyone keeps telling me my socks don't match......i know already leave me the F alone

well that's it for another day, I just got busy doing other stuff and I totally forgot that I was on-line doing this.....WHOOPS won't look very good better get movin!

Take care all and to everyone in New Bruswick drive safe and keep it outta the ditch!

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