Monday, February 07, 2005

a summary of my weekend

It was finally the weekend and I was surprizingily in a good mood come Saturday morning

A big crew of us all went 4 wheeling to Palfry Lake Lodge (close to McAdam)

Had to be all friendly and chummy with one of my best friends ex-boyfriend's and his new flame. Was totally disgusting as they couldn't keep their hands off of each other, I pratically almost bite my tongue off as I was biting my tongue so damn hard. Needless to say I was not having a great time and was swigging back the coolers and feel in pretty damn good until......

Got half way to Palfry when our wheeler broke down....hubby not to happy and neither was I. Luckily my Uncle Gary had his truck down there and he was able to haul the "piggy" home and we loaded onto my dad's and dad road on back with Dana. Everything was good, but I was having serious anxiety over how much it would cost to have it repaired and I totally lost my perfectly good little buzz that I had going on

Thankfully though hubby tore it all apart yesterday and did something to the wires and it seems to be working ok for now (cross your fingers). So hopefully it won't need to go to the shop and cost us an arm & a leg to fix it.

Back to Saturday.....

We get back from Palfry to go and sit at the camp aka "the swamp" and it's so painfully bored that I could literally scream. Having to continue to sit and watch these two grope and fondel each other and "honey" this and that made me want to vomit all over the table I was sitting at. So disgusting, so not appropriate, so damn irritating, get a room you nuck and fucks!!! grrrrrrr

Finally made enough eye contact with hubby to siginal that I want to go home, left the camp shortly after 9:30 PM

Went home and immediately went to bed I was damn tired

Sunday ~

got up and actually did house work

I cleaned like there was no tommorrow, did laundry, washed the bedding & hung it out was so damn warm outside, scrubbed toilets, you name it I cleaned it

laid around all afternoon doing nothing

went to look and see what I could get for supper only to find nothing in the fridge or cupboards.

Decided to sucker my hubby into taking me out for dinner & a movie.....he he he pulled some pretty good tricks (get your mind out of the gutter it was nothing dirty.....) to get him to bite.

Went to supper at Pizza Delight ~ mmm good

Watched Boogeyman, got a little scared but was more irritated with the two dumb teenagers behind us. Stupid little twits keep talking, laughing and screaming through the whole damn movie. Seriousily get a brain and a life. I wasn't that ignorant when I was a teen and I don't like it when you ruin the movie for me. I wanted to turn around several times and give them hell but I was scared they would make a scene and embarss me which would not be cool.

Came home, watched a bit of the super bowl and went to bed

all in all not to bad of a weekend I must say

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TSC Andrew said...

I love those weekends, they rock. Mine seemed to be slow, there wasn't much excitement, but what was it with all these people going to McAdam, I had gone down there on Friday night, other people from Canterbury went down there that night, and now I find out you guys did too. WOW busy spot