Thursday, February 03, 2005

"If I had a million dollars"

A lyric from the talented Barenaked Ladies song appropriately titled "if I had a million dollars". You see not only did we just have an elderly, retired couple win a million dollars from last weeks Atlantic 649 (they live down around Nackawic I think) and they purchased the ticket from the Shoppers Drug mart out at our "big" mall, but now another million dollars has gone yet again here in Woodstock. This is offical too as one of the girls sons here is dating or engaged to this guys daughter and they called her last night all excited with the news. Dr. Fullerton (local eye doctor extrondinar) is now a millionaire on top of what he probably already has stashed away. So not fair and why couldn't it have been me who wen't to Buntings (local grocery store) last night to purchase some stupid instant scratch ticket.

Jealousy rears it's ugly head. I'm trying to be happy for them as I do know one of his daughters to and everyone here at the office has been saying that he's really nice and he will do good things with this money BUT IT'S NOT FAIR DAMMIT! ok, better now. So i've figured that hey why not put thoughts to paper and write down my wish list if I actually was to win a million or more (i'm greedy ok). So here goes........

First things first I would try to put a certain percentage away in a RSP or some type of account where it could grow and accumlate interest. It would have to be something that I couldn't be able to withdrawal until after a certain age or some sort of limit on it as I would tend to go through the money very, very fast and I would like to have some stability so I would never, EVER have to work again.

Travel, I would just hit the road and take whoever wanted to go with me and just go from here to there and everywhere. I want to experience Rome, Paris, Egypt, Austrailia you name it I would go there. In fact I would probably spend over an entire year just travelling and buying antiques and artifacts gallour

Buy a new Fabber house. There's nothing wrong with the current house that i'm paying on right now, but hell i'm a millionaire I deserve the best and here's what I would do. I would pay off my existing mortgage, move his parents in there as I would tear down there old beat up run down house and I would build my mansion just a little higher up and back away from the road. The view is amazing and you can see clear into the state of Maine on a good day and you can see Mount Kattadin (close but no cigar) and it's just so serene and peaceful. I would probably build a huge, HUGE log home that could pass for some fancy resort. Big windows, big decks I would be in log home heaven. Then I would buy all new furniture, decorations (from my travels.....) and the best of the best of appliances and oh what fun that would be

I would buy a new car, nothing fancy in fact cause I don't really give a rats ass what i drive as long as it gets me there. I would probably buy one of those new Honda cars that runs on battery energy and doesn't use gas or barely any at least. Would just be cool to have one, in bright green or something like that

Shopping spree here I come, on my fab travels I would be able to shop all over the world, Milan, Paris, the top of the line stuff wouldn't stand a chance against me. I would have matching everything, matching shoes, purses, coats, accessories ~ everything that I would love to have now and can't afford I would just go right to town. It would be scary to see what damage I could do shopping alone (i'm sure it would be well over 100,000 all by itself). I am not always a big shopper but when i'm in the right mood watch out

I would probably have my own ranch. This is really more of my husband's dream but I love animals and every girl always wants there own horse, let alone there own ranch. I'd have tons and tons of horses and i'd probably start some sort of riding school and camp through the summer for foster kids or kids who aren't well off in life. And yeah, this would be my good deed that I would do with the money & it benefits me :) Although my one experience on a horse was not all that pleasant, in fact it was down right hilarious (i'll save that story for another day)

I would of corse make sure that my immediate family or ones that are close with me get something as well. I would mabye pay off their debts, or buy them a new car or something like that. It can't be all about me all the time, so I would look after them as well.

I would also have to go freaky and get tons and tons of bling bling. Diamonds here I come!! I'm not all that big on jewlery but if I had endless funds......oh boy the damage I could do. Rings, and necklaces, watches and hey why not through in a tiara in there too.....he he

If only, if only this could happen ~ one can continue to dream and wonder but at least that gives me tons of ideas. The endless possibilities, so not fair but i'll continue to buy tickets and hold my breath every time they scan and check my ticket.


TSC Andrew said...

ummm all I saw was a ranch for the hubby!! I didn't see any special toys for him!! WOMEN!!!!!

krazykaper said...

I really need to start gambling!