Thursday, February 24, 2005

this and that

don't know what to talk about today, i'm really jittery and nervous for my interview this afternoon. Not sure why, I usually don't get nervous but I am and it's bugging the heck out of me. Get to leave work early though *BONUS* can't complain about that.

Well I got two of my predictions right, not bad I might add but I forgot about Melinda (boy she must have really blown for me to forget her that quickly...) and it really surprized me to see Judd go, although when he sang his song again last night he probably deserved to be goin home. I liked him though, just somethin about him.

I've been having weird dreams lately, which is highly unusual for me as I never dream let alone remember them. It's strange as I usually hit the pillow and i'm out and I don't recall anything but blissfull darkness. But in the last week I have had several dreams sequences where there is some kind of crisis related to the end of the world. In one dream is was due to war/nuclear bombs, etc and in the other dream (one on one night and the other following the next right behind it) pps were extremely sick and dying but it was similar to Dawn of the Dead. V. Creepy and werid and I wake up with this icky strange deja vu feeling. Really strange and bizare. Didn't really hit me until I spoke with a girl that this could all be somehow related to the drastic changes that I am facing which could be true. Just really strange and it creeps me out to the MAX.

Went home last night feelin all bloated and FAT and decided that I would take my two monsters of dogs (German Shepards, one female & one male) for a walk into the big village and back as it was fairly warm out and it would do myself good and it would be good for them. They got sooooo excited that they dragged me for about half of the way until they finally got a little tired. Almost fell on my face several times, and i'm sure that all the pps driving by thought "who da hell", and i looked so cute with my hat and nice jogging pants (being very sarcastic here). But it felt GREAT the fresh air, the nice peaceful quite tranqulity of the woods, but man i'm really starting to work up a sweat and it's starting to get a little dark, so not good, getting a little scared now.....umm it's getting a little creepy now, the damn dogs decided to chase after a squirel or something and pretty much pulled my arm out of joint that feels nice, also am starting to get a blister on one of my baby toes and that hurts too but hey I finally made it home and I feel Fab as I got off of my ass and did something. Now to find something to eat.....heh heh heh

Where it's that time of the month ~ ya know what i'm talking about ~ i've been craving, no that doesn't do it justice but I can't describe it any diffently chocolate, so what do I go and do, stupid me, I had to pick up some groceries yesterday and i'm in the damn chip/snack isle (god I hate that isle) and lo and behold it was like a bright light shining and saints singing and everything there lies the mini Reeses Peanut Butter cups. OMG I frickin love these little bastards and i'm drooling in the middle of the isle and I cannot, CANNOT possibly wait another second to tear into the fuckers. So i'm booting it for the check out and i'm starting to froth at the mouth i'm so ravenous for these. I race to the car and throw in my other junk that I had to get and then i'm in the driver seat and it's just pure and simple maddness now and then there open and oh gawd how wonderfull, words cannot describe the pleasure I had in that moment. To die for and now i've been eating them left and right and I just can't stop. Thankfully, I only get like this mabye every 3-4 months, so it's not like every month but still just wrong on many levels

Well I have got to do some work today at least for another hour, ha ha get to leave at 2 today, Wish me luck in my interview ~ See ya suckers!!


krazykaper said...

Re: Mariott Reservation Centre.

I haven't heard anything about the Mariott but I guess hearing nothing may be better than hearing anything negative.

krazykaper said...

oh...check out this guys blog. My friend Aila and I had fun with this one. I'm sure you can appreciate it too.